Let It Be

You knew there had to be fallout after the Houston Police Chief retired a couple of days ago. Here is this from ABC Channel 13 news:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Neighbors and leaders from Houston’s Black communities expressed shock, disappointment, and concerns over the forced retirement of Chief Troy Finner late Tuesday night.

This came after questions about when he was made aware of a department code created in 2016 that suspended more than 260,000 HPD cases.

And this:

Leaders in Houston’s African American communities said they’re worried about whether they will continue to see diversity among HPD’s leadership.

James Dixon, president of NAACP Houston, said it’s important to have someone who understands the systemic issues that communities of color face when it comes to interacting and working with police.

“Chief Finner has served our city in such an exemplary way. We think this is a great loss for Houston. He was always accessible and he has familiarity with all of our communities because he is from Houston. As dynamic as our city is, it’s difficult to find someone with all those attributes in one package. These are big shoes to fill,” Dixon said. “We look for champions and people who represent us with the highest level of honor, respect, and integrity. One of our fears and concerns will always be, will the new person have the dexterity to work with Houston’s very rich, culturally diverse community? Will they be able to relate to Acres Homes like River Oaks?”

Houston Mayor John Whitmire said in a press conference early Wednesday that he has a strong track record when it comes to diversity.

He stated that diversity will be a factor in who becomes the next police chief.

Here is the entire Channel 13 story: HPD chief resignation: Questions linger about diversity among future police leadership after Troy Finner’s forced retirement – ABC13 Houston.

I get it. Nobody has to tell Commentary about diversity. I have championed diversity my entire life.

I have confidence in the mayor. Let’s not forget, the mayor didn’t create the unresolved cases problem. They were dumped into his lap.


Finally. Commentary is talking about the movie “Let It Be” has now been re-released on Disney+. I have not seen it since its original release in 1970 when I saw it in a movie theater. Here is from ABC Channel 13:

That film has recently been remastered, bringing out not just the original beauty of the video, but also perfecting the sound on what’s been a long road to redemption.

Filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg started shooting “Let It Be” as a concert film in 1969, but after about a week, he realized it was more of a documentary. He has fond memories of making the film, but the release of “Let It Be” turned out to be something unexpected.

“When it was released, it was a kind of bumpy time, because, as you know, The Beatles had broken up one month before the movie came out,” said Lindsay-Hogg. “So therefore, the movie was seen with an incorrect lens on it, which people regarded it as the ‘breakup movie’ and they were looking for all the clues as to why The Beatles might have broken up.”

Lindsay-Hogg said the film got the reputation of being a dark and “downer” of a movie and hopes the remastered version can be a bit of a “corrective.”

“The movie is exactly the same as it was in 1970, cut for cut, and the songs are the same,” he said. “It’s a very surprisingly joyful picture, and also, as well as the story of what it’s like with these four men who changed the world in their early 20s. What happens to them now as they’re getting older, as they’re pushing 30 and their lives. You’re taking them in different directions. So it’s a dramatic picture, as well as a joyful picture, as well as a historical picture.”

Here is the entire story:  More than 50 years after release, The Beatles documentary ‘Let It Be’ gets new life on Disney+ – ABC13 Houston.

When I saw it back in 1970, the Beatles had just announced their breakup. Now that we know a lot more about the breakup 54 years later, watching “Let It Be” will be a different experience. I am certainly looking forward to checking it out.


Alex Bregman was moved down to the six spot yesterday. Bregman is hitting below the Mendoza Line at .189. 2024 is turning out to be miserable for the Astros. I don’t know what else to say.

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