Commentary is here – temporarily. Don’t ask me how. It has been very frustrating, and that is being kind.

I was out of power for two days. I stayed at my nephew’s down off 288 Friday and Saturday night. He was out of town. I came back home Sunday morning and my power was back on.

My Xfinity is still down so I don’t have internet and TV. I just now found a way to get back online from my house this morning. I am not going to drive all over the neighborhood lugging around my laptop looking for internet hotspots.

Xfinity is not good at customer service. The best they can say is service will be restored as soon as possible. Unlike CenterPoint, Xfinity outages don’t get media coverage. You can’t die if you can’t watch TV or get online, I guess.

I will say this. The storm Thursday night caught folks off guard. I lost a big tree limb that was lodged between my house and neighbor’s home that I removed Friday and got dinged up in the process. Like seven band aids on my arms. My back yard neighbor’s tree had a big limb fall behind my house and I got a lot of it cleared.

Two houses down the street, a huge tree fell on two houses next to each other. A crew came over and spent the day removing the tree. See the featured photo of the big arse tree.

The Astros are back to winning.

I need to figure out my Xfinity issue. Stay safe.

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