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We’re big fans of transparency, but one Republican candidate for Railroad Commission took that virtue to a whole new level. Oil and gas attorney Sarah Stogner, 37, decided her race against incumbent Wayne Christian wasn’t getting enough coverage, so she drummed up her own — minus the coverage part.

For a short TikTok video, Stogner climbed atop a pump jack wearing nothing but pasties and panties, urging people to vote early and noting on Twitter: “They said I needed money … I have other assets.” The reaction has ranged from shock and shaming to a Twitter user asking “How many times can I vote?”

Our sister paper, the San Antonio Express-News, rescinded its endorsement of Stogner, calling her ad “disgraceful.” Incidentally, we endorsed her fellow challenger Dawayne Tipton, who climbed the industry ladder from roughneck to upper management, but best we can tell, was fully clothed at the time.

Count us among those less outraged by Stogner’s skin in the game than the lengths she felt she had to go to mount a challenge against an incumbent as problematic as Christian. From blaming last year’s deadly winter blackout on renewable energy to routinely raking in campaign contributions from the industry he’s supposed to be regulating, his tenure has been nakedly political.

Stogner asks a good question in calling out the hypocrisy of those frowning on her perceived indecency: “Why do we get so upset as a state, as a nation, whatever, about sex?” she asked. “Let’s get angry about pollution and lying and stealing and evil.”

Yes, let’s! We’ll take risqué any day over the risks of Christian’s permissive attitude toward flaring and global warming. We’ll take a raunchy campaign ad over dirty backroom dealing. And we’ll even take a candidate who’s willing to sell a glimpse of her body over an incumbent who happily sold his soul. 

Who says all E-Boards are created equal. 

My favorite African American White House correspondent is NBC’s Kristen Welker. Hey, Kristen moderated one of the two presidential debates in 2020 and was on her game that evening.

No word on when the MLB lockout will end.

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