I’m Back

Wow. I have been off Daily Commentary for over a month now. Here is what happened, I had to switch servers, deal with issues related to moving and securing my domain, and a redo of my website. It took longer than expected. A lot longer.

Thanks to all the folks who reached out to me wondering if I had crashed and burned. If I learned one thing is that the world can go on without Daily Commentary. I am also dealing with a new setup that I am not used to. Hopefully, I will figure it out sooner than later. Bear with me.

I will do my best to put something out every Monday through Friday by mid-morning. BTW: That is me and My Best Friend Al Luna from three years or so ago. I think the photo is from the Houston Hispanic Chamber Gala we attended.

On my website look, it is just to remind folks who I am and what I look like. Nothing fancy. I am not trying to sell anything.

Since I have been down, Russia invaded Ukraine. President Joe Biden’s role is to get NATO and other nations to get Ukraine all the weaponry and help they can get to defend themselves and not get run over. It is sad but certainly not surprising to see a lot of GOPers and Fox News morons root against the President and want him to fail so they can score points during the mid-terms. It is like they want Russia to succeed so they can say it was President Biden’s fault. Oh, well.

On the pandemic, Commentary is still wearing a mask indoors at the grocery store and places like that. Folks are still dying, and I have a 98-year-old Dad dealing with various health related issues.

On the Harris County Elections Administrator screw-up, I said back in November that we needed someone else in that position. I was the only Democrat who took that position and got a lot of blow-back then. Most of you Dems gave her a pass when we had to wait nearly three hours for the early voting results. She told us to go watch Game 6 of the World Series and check back later. Yeah, sure.

Then we all saw what happened on March 1 and some folks blamed it on the voter suppression bill. The Chron E-Board said to blame it on the Dem controlled Harris County Commissioners Court. The E-Board is right. They are letting her run two more key elections in May. That’s a bad idea.

Say what you want about Stan Stanart, but at least we had the early vote totals at around 7:01 pm. Last May of 2021, we had them around 7:15 pm, last November around 9:45 pm and around 7:10 pm on March 1.

She never should have been named to that position in the first place.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is certainly making GOP fools like Cancun Cruz look like, well, fools. But hey, you already know that. She rocks for sure.

Where have you gone Carlos Correa? We will miss him in the playoffs. I am not getting bent out of shape on his leaving.

Finally, it looks like Donald Trump has normalized corruption within the GOP. The GOP reeks of corruption. The latest. Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife was in on overthrowing the 2020 election and the GOP is Ok with this. Donlad Trump inviting every grifter in American to serve at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Most GOP voters now think the 2020 election was null and void. Ken Paxton. Gov. Greg Abbott having the national guard protect wealthy GOP ranch owners. Abbott getting paid off not to fix the grid. So, shut up when it comes to Harris County Judge Lina Hildalgo.

I’m back.

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