Calamity Day

Good thing Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has good lawyers. On this contract mess, her lawyers reached out to the media to explain Judge Hidalgo’s side. The result is a front-page story in today’s hard copy of the Chron and an editorial in yesterday’s Chron. Go check them out.

Yesterday was the 100th birthday of actress Doris Day. Of course, she left us three years ago at age 97. I know her birthday was yesterday because I was at my Dad’s and the AMC channel was showing her movies all day and the AMC host said they were commemorating Day’s birthday. I saw “Calamity Jane” that came out in 1953 and it was entertaining.  She was a very good actress and a great singer. 

Granted, the movie is dated, but it still worked for me.  In the flick, Day sings “Secret Love” which won the Best Song Oscar. A few years later in 1956, in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” Doris Day sang “Que Sera, Sera” which also won Best Song.

I also watched Doris Day in “Lover Come Back” with Rock Hudson and “Love Me or Leave Me” with James Cagney.

Go check out “Secret Love.” It is a very good tune.

Doris Day was also an animal welfare activist.

I watched a lot of the Grammys last night. I was rooting for Japanese Breakfast, but she didn’t win. She was nominated for Best Alternative Album and Best New Artist. 

Japanese Breakfast is a group headed by Michelle Zauner, 33, whose late mom was Korean. Last year, Zauner covered the tune “Nobody Sees Me Like You Do” by Yoko Ono and was recently interviewed on the SiriusXM Beatles Channel.  In the interview, Zauner pointed out that in watching the recent “Get Back” film, there were a whole lot of other folks in the studio during the recording sessions along with Yoko and nobody has ever said anything about the others. She is right.

She also came across as a very knowledgeable Beatles fan.

I just learned today that former presidential candidate and Cong. Ron Paul was the doctor in Lake Jackson who delivered Selena Quintanilla in 1971. Now you know.

Both of my month of April Beatles wall calendars have photos related to “A Hard Day’s Night” flick and its premiere.

Tiger is at Augusta and says it will be a game time decision.

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