April’s Fool

Commentary is having a difficult time settling on the 2022 April Fool.  Maybe the arsehole GOP Governor of Florida? How about the celebrated GOP Congressman Madison Cawthorn who has the goods on his GOP coked-up and orgy-ridden colleagues. Gov. Grep Abbott is certainly not fooling anyone with his fake deployment of the national guard. GOP AG Ken Paxton has been pretty much a fool for six or seven years now. How about every GOPer who still think the 2020 election was stolen – fools for sure. Today’s GOP can pretty much stock the month of April with fools galore.

Commentary is thinking more folks like to go to Florida to visit Disney World than to pay homage to the Florida GOP and their arsehole governor. The GOP is certainly a destructive force in America these days. They are out to destroy our democracy, our electoral system and now Disney. 

Will Smith has certainly seen his standing drop this past week.  Chris Rock’s stature has shot up to the stars. Who would have thought that a week ago.

Joe Campos Torres never got justice and his murderers were never held accountable. Nearly 45 years after his murder, he gets a plaza named after him.  The Joe Campos Torres Plaza will be dedicated to him tomorrow at 1 pm at 1301 Commerce by Buffalo Bayou, the site where he was killed.

Commentary learned yesterday that for 2022 – this season – MLB will keep the extra inning rule where a baserunner will be put at second base to start each extra inning. Oh, well. 

We also get the umps a mic so they can announce replay decisions to the fans. I really don’t think that this is necessary. I am satisfied with the safe, out, foul or it is a dinger sign.

Opening Day is next week.

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