Dangerously Dumb

Dangerously dumb. That is your GOP today.

We heard it yesterday. You know, Marshall law.  Martial law.

A Texas National Guardsman drowned in the Rio Grande a few days ago and dumbarse Gov. Greg Abbott is blaming President Joe Biden. The guardsman was deployed by Abbott.

The GOP says anyone should be able to carry a gun. It will make America safer. Now the GOP is trying to pin out of control gun violence on Democrats. Got it?

The GOP says we are done with COVID. It is over. Do away with masks.  Title 42 was implemented to help stop the spread of the virus, that the GOP says we are done with, but want Title 42 continued. Got it?

The GOP leader in the US House says he didn’t want Donald Trump to resign even when confronted with a tape saying he did want Trump to resign.

GOP leaders are quick to give Jackie Robinson a shout out on Jackie Robinson Day but don’t want our kids to be taught the Jackie Robinson story.

Commentary still has confidence in the strength of the United State of America, despite the dumbsh_t dangerous GOP.


A dress worn by Judy Garland while playing Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” will be auctioned today. Catholic University of American was given the dress by actress Mercedes McCambridge a while back. McCambridge won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1949 for “All the King’s Men,” and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in 1956 for “Giant.” She was also the voice of the Devil in “The Exorcist.” She left us in 2004.


Commentary uses the blue placards for disabled parking slots when I take my Dad to a medical appointment or to the store.  My current one expires at the end of this month. I went to the Tax Assessors office yesterday to pick up some new ones. The wait was two and a half hours.

Blummer is 49 today. Happy Birthday Geoff Blum!

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