Jury Duty

My runoff mail ballot for the Democratic Primary arrived this past Friday. There are nine races on my ballot. My Dad’s runoff ballot also arrived, and it has eight races.


Commentary put this out earlier in the year:

Nobody Commentary knows likes jury duty.  We dread when we get the envelope in the mail that says jury summons. A couple of weeks ago, I got one in the mail. I opened it up looking for the date and time I was supposed to show up. It is usually front and center and in a huge font. Nope. I had to go online and fill out a bunch of stuff and I still don’t know when and where I am supposed to show up.

They gave you the option to call for your jury service. Nope. Are they crazy? I don’t have time to wait on hold for this.  Just put the notice in the envelope and I will show up.

We ought to be doing online voter registration. We go online to pay bills, do banking, shopping, renewing driver’s licenses.  Online jury duty in Harris County isn’t working. They made it way more complicated than it should be. Just stick the summons with the date and time in the GD envelope.

I got an email from the Harris County District Clerk Friday night letting me know that I had a jury service date. I went online Saturday morning and confirmed the info I had previously filled out.  They told me to show up this Wednesday. F-them.  I need more time than that to change up my schedule.  I emailed them back to tell them to give me a later date. Morons. They make serving on a jury more difficult. Oh, for the good old days.


H-Town pro sports fans like Astros, Dynamo, Rockets and Texans are good fans. Well, except for those bozos at The Yard who start the dreaded wave. We never have incidents that make national news. Can’t say that about Yankee fans. They made the news this weekend by throwing beer and trash at Cleveland Guardian players. It was from the fans in the right field bleachers at Yankee Stadium.

The MLB Commissioner ought to impose a penalty like not letting anyone sit in that section of the bleachers for a month. That would certainly send a message. Of course, we all know the Commissioner is a chump and won’t come down on the Yankees.

I thought we were going to be swept yesterday. Jeremy Peña’s first ever walk-off dinger got us the win.

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