Good Friday

Commentary will spend much of Good Friday taking my Dad to his primary care doctor. A regular check-up so to speak. Go to Baytown, take him to his appointment, then take him back to Baytown.

On Easter Sunday, I will spend some time at my Dad’s, then go over to One of My Best Friend’s home where she will have family and friends over. It will be outdoors in her backyard. She didn’t have her Easter Sunday get togethers the last two years because of the pandemic. Everyone there will be fully vaccinated and boosted.


This is from today’s Chron:

Harris County Democrats on Thursday accused their Republican counterparts of excluding predominantly Black and Latino areas from a “disturbingly racist” map of proposed voting locations for the May 24 primary runoff, days after alleging the county GOP was purposely dragging its feet in submitting the map.

Here is the entire Chron read: Harris County Dems, GOP can’t agree on runoff voting map, threatening a cascade of election issues (

Sigh. Look. The GOP, nationally, in Texas and here locally has fully embraced racism. That is who they are these days. They supported and continue to support racist, voter suppression measures. This latest tactic fits right in.

The Harris County Democratic Party also says that the Harris County GOP wants to muck up the runoffs to make the Harris County Elections Administrator look bad again. If this is the case, folks will figure this out and it will backfire on the GOP. The Elections Administrator has screwed up on its own, they don’t need the GOP’s help.


On all the woke stuff, and wokisms, and wokesters, I missed the lecture or slept through the class.  I have no idea what is woke, who is woker and who can be woked. I do think the folks who have a problem with the woke people are just talking to themselves.


The other day, I got into my car and noticed that there was a powdery film on my windshield.  It was tree pollen.  When I pulled out of my driveway, I put on the wipers with the spray. It created a yellow sludge line just outside of the wiper zone.  Commentary thankfully doesn’t have those kinds of allergies. I am allergic to a certain subset of a food group. When I tell my friends, they are always surprised. I will not mention it on Commentary because I don’t want my enemies to sneak it onto my plate.


Commentary has said it time and time again, I don’t know everything, and I am always learning stuff.  Until yesterday, I didn’t know what a trivet was. I had seen them in use, but I didn’t know that they were called trivet. I thought it was just the thing that kept your kitchen counter or table surface from getting burned by a bowl of very hot food or a pot just off of the stove.

Let me explain.  My Siete Family sent me a package yesterday that included various hot sauces, taco and chorizo seasoning packets, a lime squeezer gadget, and a spoon. I must admit, I have been squeezing limes with my bare hands my entire life.  Also included was a trivet which is in the featured photo. The trivet is handmade by SIN Ceramics located in Brooklyn, NY. Please, nobody send me any grief on why didn’t they use a Texas ceramics outfit. Siete is sold throughout the country. SIN is operated by nine women.

They also sent me a kitchen towel that was inspired by my Mom, who Siete calls “Grandma Alicia.” My Mom loved her grandkids and even kept all their birthdays written down so she could remember and give them a shout out. The towel was made by artisans in Mexico. Cool. The towel is also in the featured photo.

My new Space City lid is also in the featured photo.


J.C. Hartman is 88 years-old today. Who is J.C. Hartman, you ask? He was the first African American to play for the now Astros. He made his debut on July 21, 1962, vs San Luis with the Colt 45s at Colt Stadium. He played shortstop. The Chron’s Jerome Solomon has a column on him in today’s Sports Section. Happy Birthday, J.C. Hartman.

75 years ago today, Jackie Robinson made history. All players will be wearing number 42 today.

Have a safe weekend.

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