Abbott’s Border Mess

Commentary said this yesterday:

Dumbarse GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s new border inspection policy is creating supply chain issues in the country and not getting the results he expected. Folks have not figured out his endgame.

Abbott’s game ended yesterday. For now.

He became a national boob.  The business community opposed him. Groups and associations who are supporting him also opposed. Texas GOP AG Commissioner Sid Miller called him out. Ditto the White House Press Secretary. Abbott has become a national punchline. I am thinking his staff won’t tell him he is a joke. It is way too funny.

This was a colossal error in judgement. Is there someone on his staff who recommended the inspections?  I guess not.  We surely would have heard of heads rolling. This was Abbott’s idea. Just like sending the national guard to the border.

Here is from the Chron E-Board today:

But only Abbott, and perhaps a wily campaign consultant, is to blame for the mess at the border over the past few days. And what, if anything, have Department of Public Safety troopers found during these additional searches — other than some trucks with bad brakes? The governor couldn’t tell us.

#BetoForTexas had the best line in this tweet:

Abbott has so badly screwed this up. Texans know that his political stunt is causing higher inflation and killing businesses. He has no choice but to back down. Let’s see if he does it today or if he continues with this pendejada.

If I am a migrant from Central America and the Governor of Texas offers me a free bus ride to D.C., I am taking him up on the offer. I will probably get treated better in D.C., than on the border.

Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw was pulled after seven innings and was pitching a perfecto through seven. Kershaw said he was fine with the decision to pull him. It is early in the season. Teams had a short spring training. Pitching arms are still getting into shape. Got it?

I went to the Team Store at The Yard yesterday to get some Space City gear. They expanded into the Union Station lobby. A lot of Astros fans were there. They were out of the jersey I wanted, so I just came away with a Space City lid. I used my season ticket account discount for 15% off.

We had opportunities to win yesterday. We are 4-2 and have today off.

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