Ruh Roe.

Commentary has been doing Democratic Party politics longer than anyone – I think – in this part of the state. I won’t take a back seat to anybody on service to the Democratic Party. That is why I will reiterate what I said after we lost in November of 2016.

It was the national Democratic Party establishment, including Planned Parenthood’s most ardent supporters, that rallied behind the most flawed candidate around that has us in the bind we find ourselves in this morning. I know folks get upset when I point this out, but it is the truth. Private email servers and speeches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to Wall Street firms. You get the picture.

The Party’s establishment leadership was arrogant and out of touch heading into the 2016 election.  We have no one else to blame. That is the way I see it.


The Chron E-Board has a take on Crime Stoppers of Houston today.  The E-Board talks about the recent reporting about Crime Stoppers straying from their original mission. Go check it out.

Crime Stopper’s high-profile staffer tweeted this the other day:

Many moons ago when I was working for Mayor Bob Lanier a member of the media asked him about my role: Mayor Lanier responded “I don’t expect Mr (Andy) Kahan to please the criminal element”

What a dumb thing to tweet.  Kind of equating your critics to crooks. So stupid.


1,999. That is how many wins Dusty Baker has as a manager. He could pick up numero 2,000 this evening. He will be the 12th MLB manager to join the 2,000-win club. Let’s hope he gets it this evening.

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