May the Fourth

Commentary thinks it is setting in. For decades, GOP leaders have been front and center on overturning Roe. Now that it looks like it may happen, the same GOP leaders are outraged that the decision was leaked. They are treating the leak like a major breach in national security. It is not.

I think they are now realizing that it has the potential to be a huge voter backlash in the mid-terms. The GOP leaders are now trying to manufacture a phony issue. It is not going to work.  It is too late.

They asked for it.  The GOP now owns it. Kind of like you better watch out what you wish for thing.


It is kind of hard to believe that Dusty Baker is the first African American manager to reach 2,000 wins. I am a Dusty fan for sure. I have to say he is my all-time favorite Astros manager. 

The H-Town Mayor’s twitter account said this last night:

Congratulation to @astros Coach Dusty Baker.

He is a manager, not a coach. There is a difference.

Just so you know, Dusty Baker has been wearing an MLB uniform since 1968. As a player for The ATL, Dodgers, Giants and A’s. As a Giant as a coach. As a Giant, Red, Cub, National and Astro as a manager. That is eight different uniforms.

The team wraps up their series with the Mariners this afternoon. Justin Verlander is on the mound and the team doesn’t have anything planned to commemorate May the Fourth. I am sure some fans will show up in Star Wars gear though. 

I would consider the new Space City team gear as near Star Wars related gear. Just saying.

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