Dark Berry

Commentary may have mentioned before that years ago I was held up at gunpoint in a parking lot in H-Town as I was leaving a disco nightclub. A gun was put in my face as I was getting into my car.

I won’t get into the details as to what ensued, but I thought I was going to be a goner and even mumbled the Act of Contrition prayer.  I obviously survived but my car and a bunch of other material stuff was stolen. About a week later, my car was found. It was stripped down to basically just the frame.

Ever since that evening, I make it a point to be aware of my surroundings particularly in a parking lot in the evening.

Same thing when I go into a big store like a Target or Kroger, where I instinctively look for the emergency exits. You just never know.

The people of Uvalde certainly didn’t know when they went to work or to school a week ago this morning.

Of the 21 murdered in Uvalde, 16 were female. It looks like all but 2 of the 21 are Latinas and Latinos.

To the A-hole GOPer who say some folks are politicizing this tragedy.  We have to. We have to politicize it all the way to November because that is what it is going to take to stop this violence.


The Chron has a story today on local janitors wanting a pay increase to $15 an hour.  It would seem like they would get it.  If they go on strike, where are they going to find replacement janitors.  We have a labor shortage. Good luck.


If I am going to drink a soft drink, which I do on occasion, I am going to drink the real deal and not the diet stuff. I rotate between Coca Cola, Dr Pepper, Big Red, A&W, Fanta, and Sunkist. Recently I noticed a Dr Pepper Dark Berry. Curiosity got the better of me and I bought a 12-pack.

Dr Pepper came out with Dark Berry in 2019 to help promote the “Spider Man” flick, then they took it off the shelves. This year, they are promoting the soon to be released “Jurassic Park” flick.

I tried it this morning and it tasted like regular Dr Pepper.


A long time ago, when I was a younger adult, when I would go to the movie theater, I started mixing M&M plain and peanuts with my popcorn.  It goes great with a Coca Cola. I bring in, or, rather sneak-in the M&Ms and buy the Coke and popcorn at the theater. In the hundreds of times, I have been to the movies, I have never been caught sneaking in the sweets.

I remember when I first started doing it, folks sitting nearby would watch me curiously as I would pour them into the popcorn bag or tub and shake it so the M&Ms would mix in evenly with the popcorn.  I would go through this ritual right before the movie started so the theater was partially lit, and folks could see me as well as hear the shaking.

I was watching “Today” the other day and one of the co-hosts said that according to a movie theater industry survey, 48% of moviegoers mix candy with their popcorn, with M&Ms as the leading choice.

I was the only one that did it back then among folks I knew, but I am pretty sure I didn’t start this thing. No one I ever took with me to the movies in all these years ever frowned on this theater practice. I am pretty sure they all joined with me in sharing that sweet and salty delicacy.

When I was a kid, I would on occasion buy a dill pickle at the movies.  I might have had a hot dog at the movies 15 years ago or so.

I have not been to the movies since 2018, I think.


Wow! I watched Framber Valdez pitch a 2-hit complete game yesterday. He was outstanding.  Yordan Alvarez’s two gargantuan dingers were a treat. Jose Altuve also had a dinger and a scary collision at first base.

We won 5-1 and sit at 31-18.

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