For Danielle Bess

I was supposed to be in jury service this morning. I got an email late yesterday afternoon that said this:

You recently received a notification directing you to appear for jury service. Due to scheduling reasons your original service date has changed. Your first day of jury service has been moved to (I am not going to publish when).

I had just gone out yesterday to pick up some munchies in case I had to stay awhile.  Sigh.

Now I will store them someplace and resist the urge to consume. That is going to be tough to stay away from M&M peanuts, Whoppers, Tootsie Roll Pops, and Wheat Thins.

I have made it pretty clear about the folks running the jury selection operation.

The thing is, I could just have ignored the original summons like a lot of folks do, but then I would be shirking my civic duty. You have to show up.

I have been on two juries. One was in municipal court for a guy running a red light or stop sign. We let the fella off with a $25 fine, not the max that the prosecutors were seeking. I did a civil trial, and we awarded the plaintiff some serious dough – like six figures.

My Dad was a juror on a very high-profile criminal case that attracted full media coverage. It was in the late 70s and I am not going to mention the case because one of the defendants still might be around these parts and my Dad is too old to be hassled.


This was put out yesterday:

Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, State Senator Carol Alvarado, County Commissioner Adrian Garcia, and

City Council Member Robert Gallegos Endorse Danielle Keys Bess for State Representative

Danielle Keys Bess, candidate for House District 147 in the Democratic Party primary runoff, received the endorsement today from Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, State Senator Carol Alvarado, Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia, and Houston City Council Member Robert Gallegos.

The four Democrats issued the following joint statement:

“We proudly endorse Danielle Keys Bess for State Representative. Danielle Bess will stand with our Democratic legislators in Austin against the Republican Party attacks on our community on women’s reproductive rights, Medicaid expansion, voting rights and our classroom teachers.

The current political environment requires that Democrats stand united against the Republican assault on our communities. Danielle’s opponent, Jolanda Jones, worked with the Republican Party to take over HISD schools. Last year, Jones endorsed Republican school board candidates over our incumbent Democratic HISD trustees. Jolanda Jones cannot be trusted to protect our Democratic Party values against the Republican onslaught at this critical time.

Danielle Keys Bess is a compassionate, dependable Democrat we need working with us in Austin.”

“I am humbled by the support from Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, State Senator Carol Alvarado, and Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia as they join City Council Member Robert Gallegos in supporting my run to serve the constituents of House District 147. Our momentum in this race will be enhanced even more with their support as we move forward to win this race. I thank each of them for their support as we build a strong coalition to address the issues and concerns of the district” said Danielle Keys Bess.


Reid Detmers, a rookie pitcher for the Angles, tossed a no-no against the Rays last night.

Justin Verlander carried a no-no into the eighth last night before giving up a single. We beat the Twins 5-0.

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