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H-Town, we have something special in Lisa Falkenberg, Vice President, and Editor of Opinion for the Chron. She won her second Pulitzer Prize yesterday. The Chron E-Board won for their series last year on the Big Lie. Other E-Board members that were part of the win include Michael Lindenberger, Deputy Opinion Editor, former E-Board member Luis Carrasco, and E-Board member Joe Holley.

Nice job.

This is Lisa’s second Pulitzer Prize. She won in 2015 for Commentary.

This is also the second Pulitzer for the Chron – ever.

Not very many folks win two Pulitzers. She is something special.

Commentary has been a longtime hard copy subscriber to the Chron. Like for decades. Uninterrupted may I say. Every four weeks, the Chron zaps my bank account for $77. That’s $2.75 per newspaper. It is well worth the price for prize winning journalism. I am sure the subscription rate will go up.

I think supporting your local daily newspaper is a good thing to do. 

I am not going to agree with the E-Board on some stuff, but hey, that’s the way it should be.

This is in the Chron today:

Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday night he supports a school voucher measure that would allow students to use government funding to attend private schools or charter schools rather than just their assigned public schools.

Abbott pledged that public schools would be kept fully funded, and he couched his support for school choice as a tradition of empowering parents that includes his policies banning mask mandates on campus, letting parents choose when their students return to the classroom during COVID-19, and banning “critical race theory” in Texas schools.

What a knucklehead. We don’t fully fund public education in Texas today.

This is also in the Chron hard copy today:

Even with help from constable’s offices, Harris County again was the last of the state’s largest counties to finish counting Saturday’s election results, turning its final tally to the Texas Secretary of State’s office after 9:30 Sunday morning.

I noticed Sunday morning that not all the boxes had been counted. I wasn’t going to say anything. Just wait for the new Elections Administrator to show up.

The excuse we are hearing now is we are the biggest county, so expect us to be the last to count all the votes. Sigh.

Good luck with counting all the votes two weeks from this evening, you know, the party primary runoffs where several key races are on the ballot.

We start a nine-game roadie this evening that takes us to Minneapolis, D.C., and Fenway.

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