Front Page Disaster

If you are an activist Democrat from Harris County and were celebrating when Kim Ogg won her election for District Attorney in November of 2016 and reelection in 2020 and celebrating when Lina Hidalgo won the County Judge’s office in November of 2018, the last thing you thought you would see on May 20, 2022, was today’s Chron front page.

Hidalgo: Ogg on ‘political vendetta’

I am disappointed and pi_sed off at both.

Kim put out a lengthy statement yesterday telling Judge Hidalgo to stop commenting on the case. Sigh.


Texas U.S. Sen. John Cornyn said yesterday that GOP AG Ken Paxton was an “embarrassment.” After next Tuesday, when Paxton is the GOP nominee, I wonder if Cornyn will still say he is an “embarrassment.”

Probably not. GOPers lack in the spine department these days.


Commentary is convinced that the national and local GOP want stuff messed up for all just so they can blame Democrats in control heading into the mid-term elections.

GOP members of congress are ok with not voting to fix the infant formula shortage just so babies can die, and they can blame President Joe Biden.

GOP members of congress are ok with not voting to help reduce the high gasoline prices just so all drivers, GOP drivers included, can feel the pain at the pump and they can blame President Biden.

The Harris County GOP is also in on the game. They are ok with taking a week or so to tally up next Tuesday’s primary runoff results to they can blame Democrats who are running the Elections Administrator’s Office.  See this from the Chron:

The Harris County GOP is urging Republican election judges to break with Harris County’s election night plan for next week’s primary runoff, arguing the county’s ballot delivery protocol violates the law. Earlier this week, Harris County officials sent an email to county staffers asking for volunteer drivers to help expedite the ballot counting process for the upcoming primary runoff. With hundreds of polling locations spread out over 1,700 square miles, the state’s most populous county has a history of delayed election returns.

In hopes of speeding up election results, the Harris County Elections Administrator’s office also used this plan earlier this month in the May 7 election — deputizing law enforcement officials and full-time county staffers to deliver ballots from the polling location to the county’s sole central counting station. However, the Harris County GOP is pushing back on that plan and instructing Republican election judges to drive ballots to central count themselves.

Here is the entire Chron article:  Harris County GOP tells election judges to break with election night plan, saying it violates law (

Sigh. Commentary has made it pretty clear that I have not been pleased with how the elections have been conducted lately, but I am not working or rooting against them.  Counting the votes in a timely manner is critical. The local GOP going rogue and not working with the elections officials is dumb and not doing the timely vote counting any good.  Work together.  It is never healthy to subvert democracy.


5,092 Democrats voted in person in Harris County yesterday. That’s 16,085 in person after 4 days.

9,368 Republicans voted in person in Harris County yesterday. That’s 36,162 in person after 4 days.

Including mail ballots, 32,225 Democrats have voted in the primary runoff.

Including mail ballots, 49,172 Republicans have voted in the primary runoff.

Today is the last day to vote early. Democrats need to pick it up.


Machete got the key hit last night as his eighth inning bases-loaded double cleared the bases and added to our lead. We won 5-1 and sit at 25-14.

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