Over 20 years ago, I was in on planning a surprise birthday party for someone special and someone let the surprise out of the bag so to speak and it wasn’t a surprise.

This past Saturday evening, we had a surprise birthday party for a good friend, and he told me that it truly was a surprise. There were a lot of folks at the party. I knew about the party for over a couple of weeks.  I really am surprised it was kept a secret. Nice job to the party organizers.

Folks at the party included elected officials, business leaders, government affairs specialists, media members, politicos, first responder bigwigs, friends, and family. 

Here are races I will be following tomorrow night.

Who will be my new Justice of the Peace in Precinct 1?

Who will replace State Rep. Garnet Coleman in Dist. 147?

Who will be the Democratic nominee for Harris County Commissioner in Precinct 4?

Who will be the Democratic nominees for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller and Land Commissioner?

Will Jessica Cisneros win in CD 28 over Cong. Henry Cuellar.

Who will replace Sen. Eddie Lucio in SD 27?

On the GOP side, will George P. upset the crook Ken Paxton and will Sarah Stogner surprise RR Commissioner Wayne Christian.

Who will the GOP nominate to take on Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo?

How bad does the GOP Georgia Governor beat Donald Trump’s candidate?

We took three out of four from the Rangers.  The Guardians are in for three.

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