Cornyn Flakes

It is good to see a Democrat get something done in Texas State government. Commentary is talking about The Dean.

We all know our prison system in Texas is well underfunded.  It doesn’t help when idiots like GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and GOP Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan move tens of millions of dollars out of our prisons and into the so-called border security photo opportunity.

Texas paid for it dearly when a convicted murderer escaped from a prison bus a few weeks ago and ended up murdering five innocent Texans last Friday.

The Dean has had enough and here is from Channel 13 news:

TOMBALL, Texas (KTRK) — Texas prison officials suspended inmate transports Monday in the wake of convicted murderer Gonzalo Lopez’s own flight from the law after he managed to overpower guards on a transport bus.

Texas prison officials suspended inmate transports Monday in the wake of convicted murderer Gonzalo Lopez’s own flight from the law after he managed to overpower guards on a transport bus.

The action comes as State Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, who chairs the Texas Senate’s Criminal Justice Committee, pressed the Texas Department of Justice to suspend transports until safeguards are in place.

“TDCJ has temporarily suspended the transport of inmates as the agency conducts a comprehensive review of its transportation procedures. If it becomes necessary to do a transport such as releasing or an emergency medical appointment, additional security measures will be implemented,” the TDCJ wrote in a statement sent to ABC13. “The agency is conducting an internal Serious Incident Review and also intends to bring in an outside firm to conduct an independent review to identify factors that may have lead to the escape of (Gonzalo) Lopez.”

Whitmire specifically asked that prison officials require three armed correctional officers on a bus that carries violent offenders with a trailing vehicle behind.

Here is the entire Channel 13 story: Gonzalo Lopez dead: Texas prison officials temporarily suspend inmate transports after Mark Collins and his 4 grandsons killed – ABC13 Houston.

Nice job, Dean.

Everyone knows The Dean is running for H-Town Mayor and Commentary will be supporting him. I tell folks, you know what you are getting with The Dean.


Commentary is dead wrong. I actually thought for a day or two that Texas U.S. Senator John Cornyn was serious about addressing gun violence. He is not. It is Cornyn flakes, folks. His arse is still owned by the NRA.

Here is from the Trib:

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, the lead GOP negotiator in the Senate’s efforts to pass bipartisan gun safety legislation, is managing expectations over what kind of bills he’s willing to get behind.

But the answer to that question isn’t going to satisfy many Democrats who are pushing for restrictions that include expanded background checks and raising the age to purchase a firearm in the wake of the devastating elementary school shooting in Uvalde.

“Targeted reforms, I think, is the way to get to where we need to go,” Cornyn said in a Senate floor speech on Monday.

And this:

“We’re not talking about banning a category of weapons across the board, a ban for certain high-capacity magazines or changing the background check system by adding additional disqualifying items,” he said.

Here is the Trib article: John Cornyn says bipartisan gun legislation won’t include weapon bans | The Texas Tribune.

I apologize for misleading you. It turns out, you can’t count on Sen. Cornyn.


Some PGA golfers are going to play in a new tour circuit funded by some very bad folks.

Commentary respects USA today sports columnist Christine Brennan and here is what she tweeted recently:

Why weren’t the leaders of golf ready to immediately blast and ban Dustin Johnson and his selfish, greedy, reprehensible pals for playing in next week’s Blood Money Open? They now are in business with Saudi murderers. Why the muted response?

Pro golfers are free to play where they want. If these greedy a-holes are allowed to play in PGA events, I am done watching golf. It is pretty simple with me.


Sir Paul McCartney is on his “Got Back” tour. H-Town isn’t on the tour.  I saw a clip of the concert and he plays “I Got A Feeling” and uses the video of John Lennon from the Rooftop Concert joining him on the tune on the jumbotron.

I don’t know about that. I guess Sir Paul got permission from Yoko.


Commentary is not a fan of our players getting ejected from games. Our closer Ryan Pressly got tossed with two out in the ninth on Sunday and then we had to bring in a couple of other pitchers to finish the game. A waste of arms if you ask Commentary. Pressly just should have kept his cool.

Manager Dusty Baker, another reliever and our first base coach got tossed last night for a silly issue. Sigh.

We lost the game.

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