Count on Cornyn?

The invasion of Normandy, Operation Overlord, D-Day, was 78 years ago today. It was a Tuesday.

We are making progress on guns. How do I know? Just listen to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s latest. Patrick wants to spend $50 million of state tax dollars on shields for every police officer in Texas. Sigh.

Who dies Patrick sit around with and think up this goof ball stuff?

Police officers already carry around 20 pounds of equipment and now Patrick wants them to carry a 17-pound shield. Why doesn’t Patrick just ask law enforcement officials what they need.

Some heavyweight GOP donors signed on to an ad in the Dallas Morning News yesterday that urged Texas U.S. Sen. John Cornyn to move forward on red flag measures, expanded background checks and raising the age limit to purchase certain guns.

More GOPers appear to be feeling the heat.

Democrats need to keep pressing hard and not let up.

Let’s see if Sen. Cornyn is sincere. Some of us still remember his Corona beer tweet at the beginning of the pandemic.

My Beatles wall calendars for the month of June has one mentioning their MBE or Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, an honor bestowed upon them by the Queen in 1965 for outstanding achievement.  The other calendar has a picture of the four that is not dated and could have been used for an album cover in the early days.

“The Talk” co-anchor Natalie Morales is 50 today. Natalie also used to be on “Today.” Happy Birthday, Natalie!

6-3 on the roadie. We are tied with the Dodgers for the third best record in MLB. The Yankees and the Mets have the best records.  Our last nine games of this month are against the Mets and Yankees.  The Mets visit The Yard June 21 and 22. Then we go to Yankee Stadium for four games from June 23 – 26. On June 28 and 29 we go across town to Citi Field. The next day, June 30, we come home to host the Yankees for one.  Got it?

Nine of our next twelve games are at The Yard, starting this evening as we host the Mariners.

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