Good Baseball

Here is your latest local GOP clown. It is the Urban Reform fella on “What’s Your Point.” Yesterday, he was asked about the January 6 Committee. He said the committee was overplaying their hand. Huh?  A methodical and uninterrupted presentation of the facts by mostly folks who were close to Donald Trump or who are GOPers with no ax to grind with Trump is anything but overplaying of a hand. The Urban Reform fella is a clown, but some folks already knew that.


Veteran, respected Democratic politico Harold Cook tweeted this on Friday after the devastating ruling:

A whole bunch of people owe Hillary Clinton a huge apology. She was right about everything.

I disagree. She may have been right, but she doesn’t deserve an apology. I have said it before.  We are in this mess because her 2016 campaign was one of the lousiest campaigns ever run for president in my adult years.  She was also a candidate with way too much baggage. 

I have also said this before. The national Democratic Party leadership failed us in 2015/2016 for getting behind her candidacy.

That’s just me.


Let’s see.  The Democratic nominee for president won the US popular vote in 2000, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020 and we have a 6-3 conservative over liberal Supreme Court.

Democrats just have to keep grinding.


Speaking of.  31 years ago today, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall announced his retirement. You know who Bush 41 then appointed.


This is what you call good baseball and a very good Astros team. If you are an Astro fan, you certainly had to appreciate the epic series that was played the last four days in the Bronx. A no-no and two come from behind Yankee wins. It was entertaining and exciting baseball. All four games were a great watch.

Commentary is not going to get into the preview of a likely playoff match-up thing. After all, we still have over half of the season left. I will say that after 6 straight games of baseball with the New York City teams, we are 4-2 with a split at Yankee Stadium.  We clearly showed that we are one of the best teams in MLB on June 27, 2022.

A no-no Saturday and a no-no through six innings yesterday says a lot.

I feel good about our team. We have today off, then play two at Citi Field, then come home for a game with the Yankees.

Yordan Alvarez is 25 today. Yes, 25. Happy Birthday, Yordan.

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