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50 migrants are dead from heat exhaustion in San Antonio and Gov. Greg Abbott’s first response is to blame President Joe Biden. Abbott is an embarrassment. He is evil, cruel, corrupt, and lacking empathy. His internal poll numbers must be tanking. He is desperately trying to change the narrative of his failed leadership. Blaming 50 migrant deaths on President Biden isn’t a vote getter. Piece of sh_t animal is what Abbott is.

I feel for those who tried to come here for a better life. I feel for their families they left behind.

Here is what RG tweeted this morning:

Texas has spent millions of dollars on “border security,” flooding South Texas with DPS officers, funding fusion centers to gather intelligence, and financing local sheriffs. But could not identify a big rig loading immigrants up on the Texas side of the border.

Can’t argue with RG on this.


Texas Monthly just put out a piece on the Chair of the Texas Democratic Party. Here is the sub headline to the piece:

Gilberto Hinojosa has led the Texas Democratic Party through a decade of failure. Some Democrats think that’s long enough.

Here is a killer line from the piece:

While Democrats control five of the state’s six largest cities, and have enjoyed some recent success in the suburbs, they remain about as popular as rattlesnakes in the rest of Texas.

Here is the entire read:

Commentary thinks we need a new Texas Democratic Party Chair. Chair Hinojosa has been there 10 years. It is time for someone else to take over.


The Chron has a story about the Harris County Elections Commission not able to meet yesterday to select a new Elections Administrator. They couldn’t get a quorum. It would have been nice if the Chron had printed the names of the Commission members who showed up or didn’t show up. Oh, well.


This from the Chron that was posted yesterday:

Attorney Tony Buzbee has filed the first lawsuit against the Texans, saying the franchise enabled former quarterback Deshaun Watson, who last week settled 20 of 24 civil lawsuits filed by women who say he sexually assaulted and harassed them during massage therapy sessions.

The lawsuit says the owner of Genuine Touch, a massage therapy company that partnered with the Texans, reported Watson’s habit of “seeking out an unusually high number of massages from strangers on Instagram” to the Texans as early as June 2020, but the franchise “did nothing about it.”

When the story first broke last year about the then Texans QB, I told someone that the Texans had dropped the ball big time on this.  The Texans had given him a brand-new mega contract and they didn’t do their due diligence. Like nobody knew this?


Mel Brooks is 96 today. It’s twu, it’s twu. “Blazing Saddles” is my favorite Mel Brooks flick.  Happy Birthday, Mel Brooks!


MLB came out with the lids players will wear during the All Star game that will be played three weeks from tonight at Dodger Stadium.  A few years ago, they did away with having the players wear their regular lids and came up with a different look. This year, they are all black with the lettering or logo in gold stitching with a small star to the side.  The one I posted is the team colors with the star.  It is an MLB cash grab of course. I prefer having the player wear his regular lid.

Some in social media are having fun with the star and are referring to the one on our lid as an asterisk. You know. The 2017 World Series ring asterisk thing.

Jose Altuve leads all AL second basemen in All Star team selection voting and Yordan Alvarez leads all AL DHers.  If they make the starting lineup, it is pretty much guaranteed that Altuve will get booed the most at Chavez Ravine during player introductions.

Dusty Baker will also be there managing the AL All Stars. He may get a smattering of boos for being with the Astros. Dusty played 8 seasons with the Dodgers and won a World Series ring with them in 1981.

I am thinking too that Justin Verlander will make the team and he will get booed.

Play resumes this evening against New York teams as the latest MLB power rankings have us at number 2. It’s the Mets at Citi Field tonight.

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