Mayra Flores, the GOPer who just won the Congressional special election in South Texas, said the Democratic Party had walked away from the Latino community or something like that.

How many GOP elected officials in Texas are Latino or Latinas versus how many Democratic elected officials in Texas are Latino or Latinas? Enough said.


H-Town will know this afternoon if we will host the World Cup in 2026. We should be a site but with FIFA, the most corrupt sports group in the universe, you never know.


The problem with the GOP these days is they are not looking for solutions. On the national, state, and local level, if they aren’t worshipping Donald Trump, they are criticizing Democrats who are putting forward policies to help folks.

The latest locally is childcare. Here is from today’s Chron:

Harris County is making a $48 million foray into childcare, a move County Judge Lina Hidalgo said will help child care providers recovering from the pandemic.

And this:

Harris County Commissioners Court approved the plan Wednesday. The vote was 3-2, with the three Democrats in favor and two Republican members opposed.

“Commissioner Cagle is a strong supporter of education,” Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle’s spokesperson Joe Stinebaker said, “but he does not believe early childhood education is a proper function of county government, such as public safety, parks and transportation.”

And this:

Alexandra del Moral Mealer, Hidalgo’s Republican opponent in the November election, issued a statement criticizing the county judge’s priorities.

“Early childhood education is critically important and we know that it sets children up for academic success but crime in Harris County, which has stolen many young lives, is an immediate and critical concern,” the statement read. “Spending $48 million of ARPA funding on 1,000 slots while ignoring our core duty of protecting those same students by investing more in public safety is irresponsible. The last county budget denied 82 percent of law enforcement budget requests, which included funding to eliminate the 135,000-case backlog in our courts. If we truly want to set kids up for success, we have to foster a safe environment that enables them to thrive.”

Dumb move by Commissioner Cagle and Ms. Mealer. Folks are struggling to find childcare.

If the state is not lending support for childcare and the federal government is making funds available, why shouldn’t local government step forward.

I would find a different line of attack.


Before yesterday’s game, how many folks, even baseball fans, knew what an immaculate inning was.

I was at my Dad’s yesterday and the game was on. After our six-run first inning at Globe Life, starting pitcher Luis Garcia tossed an immaculate second inning. That is nine pitches for nine strikes and three strikeouts. I was wowed. Announcers Blummer and Todd Kalas excitedly started talking about the rarity of the immaculate inning in baseball.  The last Astro to toss one was Will Harris back in 2019. I remember watching that one.

Then lo and behold, Phil Maton tossed one in the seventh. After he struck out the first batter, I watched to see if another was in store. Wow! After the third K, I knew baseball history had been made. The first time in MLB history that an immaculate inning had been tossed twice in a game.

And just like that, a whole lot of folks in H-Town, the Metroplex, Texas and heck, even the USA now know what an immaculate inning is. Nice.

We won the game and have a 9 ½ game lead.

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