World Cup

The January 6 Committee is telling us through knowledgeable, veteran conservative Republicans, that Donald Trump tried to subvert Democracy.  It is not AOC, Sen. Bernie Sanders or the Squad that are providing the facts.  Republicans are telling us under oath what happened.

To those GOP members of Congress who still believe in Trump and believe the January 6 hearings are a farce, you have absolutely no moral authority. Not even the low moral ground. You are anti-democracy in Commentary’s eyes. You are not a patriot.


Commentary has to hand it to Channel 2 News for having anchors Owen Conflenti and Lisa Hernandez coming to us from Galveston this morning on this Juneteenth weekend. Nice job.

Monday is the first time we will be observing Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Please observe.


Congratulations to the Harris County Judge, the H-Town Mayor, Chris Canetti, the Houston World Cup Bid Committee, and all the others who put in the effort to get the World Cup to H-Town in 2026.  What an effort. Wow!

Commentary is excited.

There will be a few matches held at NRG. Cool.

I am sure some local parents are already being asked by their kids to make sure they score some tickets. I am not familiar on how tickets are distributed to World Cup matches. Corporate sponsors, local organizing committees, and broadcast partners will get tickets.

If you got the dough, you’ll be able to go. I am talking about the secondary market like Stub Hub. You might have to shell out a few hundred to three or four thousand a ticket.

I hope nobody is offended with me saying this. I hope we get a healthy dose of European teams playing in H-Town. Like Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland.  I don’t think they know as much about H-Town as the countries from Asia, Latina American and South American know us. Don’t argue with me. Our voting ballot in Harris County is printed in Chinese, English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Not in Dutch, French, German or Portuguese.


Right wing nut jobs and Fox News hosts and talking heads are calling out the mainstream media for not doing more stories on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and his security. Now they are going after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not saying a word about the pro-life pregnancy centers that have been vandalized.

Nope. I am not going to pay attention to folks who didn’t seem to mind what happened on January 6, 2021. They were ok with the efforts of folks trying to overturn an election.

F_ck them!


Speaking of nut jobs, the Chron has a story today on Gov. Greg Abbott not addressing the Texas GOP Convention that is being held in H-Town at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Abbott doesn’t want to get booed by his own piece of sh_t party. Abbott instead held a party for GOP delegates at a bar near the GRB and gave away free food and booze. Worthless.


Best I can tell, there are only three MLBers currently playing with a Juneteenth birthday including former Astro pitcher Collin McHugh who will be 35 on Sunday. Collin is now with The ATL.

Original Colt 45, err Astro Bob Aspromonte, also has a Juneteenth birthday. Bob, who was on our first ever Opening Day starting line-up, batting leadoff and playing third base, will be 84 on Sunday.

Hall of Fame great Lou Gehrig was also born on June 19, 1903.


Remember at the beginning of the season when a bunch of MLB experts picked the White Sox to go deep into the playoffs. They are 30-31 and 5 games behind the Twins in the AL Central.

The White Sox are at The Yard for the weekend with Sunday’s game on ESPN in the evening. Tonight’s game is on Apple TV+.

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