Jenna and W

Commentary starts off the early morning watching the Channel 2 news with Owen Conflenti, Lisa Hernandez and the rest of the crew which includes weather, investigative and traffic reports. Overnight shootings usually get the most coverage, but they cover informative stories from local government. The investigative stories are interesting and useful.

Then it is the “Today” show which in the first hour covers the hard news of the day: January 6, Ukraine, disasters, mass shootings, gas prices, and there are always the Royals.

The flat screen stays on most of the morning, and it sits in the next room that I have a view from my workstation, err desk.

The second hour of “Today” is less newsy and more entertainment news and personal interest stories.

The third hour is more entertainment and some consumer stories.

Then there is the fourth hour called “Hoda and Jenna” with veteran journalist Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, who I will say is a news personality, since she didn’t have a journalism background.

The stories are more personal interest type.

I like Jenna and she is good at her current job.  She is a big literacy advocate and promotes reading by recommending certain books to read on a regular basis. She picked up her literacy championing from her grandmother, former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Jenna also does personal interest pieces that sends her on the road to cover subjects she is reporting on.

She is also a children’s book author.

This month, the fourth hour has done a number of pride features. On her show this past Monday, she started off the fourth hour by alluding to current events. She didn’t mention it by name, but it was obvious it was Roe.

Her guest co-host that morning was Justin Sylvester from the E! Network.  Sylvester who is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community did a piece on his own coming out and had a discussion with Jenna on how he dealt with it. It was moving.

It got me to thinking.

Jenna Hager’s father is W. W has pretty much stayed out of the limelight since he left office in 2009. He rarely, if ever, gets involved on the issues of the day, unlike former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

While he was President, W came out and supported the constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages.  He didn’t spend a whole lot of his time in office bashing LGBTQ+ folks. Still.

Like I said. It got me to thinking.


We won the season series against the Mets, 4 games to zip.  We have an 11-game lead in the AL West. In my opinion it is way too early to be talking about the playoffs.  We host the Yankees late this afternoon for a single game.

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