Go Cass

That was certainly the most compelling, riveting, and explosive two hours of TV I have seen in a while. Cassidy Hutchinson is one courageous American.

She can’t be discredited. She interned for GOP Whip Steve Scalise and Sen. Cancun Cruz, err, before he went to Cancun. She was on the phone with Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on January 6.  She had worked with a number of GOP members of congress. Her office was the outer office of Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’s office suite and down the hall from the Oval Office.

She was there. Not a fly on the wall. She was at times in the middle of it.

She is not selling a tell-all book. She doesn’t have an axe to grind. To my knowledge, she is not auditioning for a cable news talking head gig, though she can probably get one now.

Her testimony revealed that Mark Meadows was at best a bumbling idiot. Her testimony also cemented Trump as a decayed, rotted person with no moral compass. 

Hutchinson also called it a “lie,” the reason the insurrectionists were rioting. It is interesting in that the new CNN honcho is suggesting CNN anchors stop using the term “big lie” because it is Democratic Party talking point. This CNN honcho dipsh_t just heard it from a GOPer. Did I say dipsh_t?

Cassidy just did the right thing. She was asked to tell the truth and she did. There is no agenda to that.

One of my takeaways is I bet Trump is one of those eaters who puts ketchup on everything. Fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, mash and baked potatoes, steak, eggs, I am sure I am leaving out something.

Cong. Liz Cheney tweeted this last night:

The Case for Prosecuting Donald Trump Just Got Much Stronger

Looks like Cong. Cheney is willing to sacrifice her political career to try to take down this mother f_cker.  Good for her.

To those who want to discredit Cassidy Hutchinson, go testify under oath.


It looks like 4 folks ended up voting in the Harris County GOP Precinct 4 Chair runoff. 2 by mail and 2 yesterday – Election Day. Cindy del Moral won 4-0. Her opponent, Scott G. Zersen, either didn’t vote or voted for his opponent.


Tags tweeted this yesterday as part of his tidbits:

Astros and Mets both came into the NL in 1962. Astros have 14 no-hitters; Mets have 2.

I retweeted Tags with this quote:

Since the @astros became an @MLB team in 1962, they have the most no-hitters.

We have 14. The Dodgers have 13 since 1962.

We put it on the Mets last night, 9-1. Framber Valdez pitched 8 innings of shutout baseball and now is getting some All Star game talk run.  We are 46-27 with the second-best record in MLB.  We play at noon today to wrap up our visit to Citi Field. Oh, yeah, Justin Verlander will be on the mound for us.

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