Slim Pickings

Lack of leadership is on full display at our Texas State Capitol.  29 days ago, 19 third and fourth graders and 2 teachers were murdered.  Yesterday, the fella who runs the DPS called out the locals and said they botched the response. He called it an “abject failure.” He also said they were chickens for worrying about their own safety over the safety of the kids.

Forget the fact that DPS were also at the scene, and we have gotten different stories out of DPS on the shooting. The Chron today has the latest timeline from the scene and DPS was present.

The Mayor of Uvalde went after the DPS and the Governor’s office. Here is what the Mayor said yesterday about the head of DPS:

“Colonel McCraw has continued to—what do you want to call it—lie, leak, mislead or misstate information in order to distance his own troopers and Rangers from the response…McCraw has an agenda and it’s not to present a full report on what happened.”

 This is the same Mayor who went after Beto.

The victim families are having to put up with this BS. What a shame.

Gov. Greg Abbott is once again showing us that he can’t lead during a crisis. We have seen it during the pandemic and seeing it now.  He doesn’t have what it takes to get all parties working on the same page and toward a resolution in a time of need.

The job is too difficult for Abbott.


These days I am kind of picky on who I want to listen to during the breaks of the January 6 Committee hearings. It is slim pickings these days.  Yesterday, I was watching ABC News coverage and during a break the anchor, David Muir, brought in former New Jersey Gov.  Chris Christie. Gov. Christie has condemned the insurrectionists, but he also said that all this started back when some Democrats would not accept the 2000 election results when W beat Al Gore.  Give me a break.

Muir pushed back and said it was a “false equivalence.”

I changed the channel.  Like I said, it is slim pickings for sure. I stopped watching CNN. I don’t watch CBS because they hired one of Trump’s lying former chief of staffers. I prefer levelheaded anchor like Lester Holt, and I don’t want to watch talking heads armed with talking points. From either party.

I started to watch NBC News coverage yesterday then they brought in Chuck Todd to host and I changed the channel.

I get what former Gov. Christie is trying to do. He would like to run for president again. He doesn’t want to be one of those who thinks President Joe Biden is illegitimate. He also wants to put some blame on Democrats by saying that they started this questioning of presidential election results. The CYA thing.

I for one did not like how 2000 turned out. In my opinion the clock ran out and we couldn’t count all the votes in Florida.  Some Democratic members of congress voted not to certify the results, but our nominee conceded. Democrats didn’t attack the Capitol. We didn’t hurt anyone.

Christie is worthless.  He is a huge reason I don’t watch ABC’s Sunday morning news talk show. He knows better.


Guess what? I got a notice from the Elections Administrator about yesterday’s Early Voting in Person turnout. What? There is a runoff for GOP Harris County Precinct Chair, Precinct 4. Precinct 4 is down the street in Woodland Heights. Voting is at Travis Elementary and at the Courthouse Downtown. Nobody voted yesterday and Early Voting runs through Friday with Election Day next Tuesday.


This is a pretty good tweet by the Astros on Jose Altuve’s third inning solo dinger last night:

That ball had a flight to catch.

Good one.

We put it on the Mets last night.  We play them again this afternoon at The Yard.

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