Failed Us

“They all failed us,” said the uncle of one of the Uvalde kids who was murdered four weeks ago today.

Let me add. State and local law enforcement failed the community of Uvalde.

Texas Monthly has an article that went online recently about local and state officials holding back info from the families and public on the Uvalde shooting.

State and local law enforcement are not the CIA or NSA. They are not statutorily constructed to operate covertly like the CIA and NSA.  The information on the Uvalde shooting that is being withheld does not have national security implications.

We just found out yesterday that law enforcement officers in the Robb Elementary hallway had equipment that would have allowed them to rush the shooter. This information should have been made available days after the shooting.

Thanks to the efforts of hard-working journalists and elected officials like State Sen. Roland Gutierrez, the truth will eventually be revealed. It may take a while.

It is not going to be a good look for Gov. Greg Abbott, the DPS and Uvalde local law enforcement. They would love for this to go away. They don’t want the public to know about their ineptness and cowardice.

We will get to the truth.


If the Texas MAGA GOP had any guts, they would put that secession initiative on their 2024 GOP statewide primary ballot. See if they are serious or just being blowhards.


We will reach the halfway point of the season after we host the Royals on Wednesday, July 6. We still have 5 series to play on the West Coast. At Oakland and Anaheim twice and once at Seattle. Three of those are on weekends so we get afternoon Sunday games and two of the Saturdays are also day games. 15 games remaining to play on the West Coast. 8 games have a starting time of 8 pm or later our time. 5 weekend afternoon games. 1 game has a 7 pm Thursday day start and another a 2:30 pm Wednesday start. Every road game – 12 games – in July will be on the West Coast.

The Chron has a couple of stories in the Sports Section today about our next 9 games with the Mets and Yankees.

We host the NL East leading Mets for 2 tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

I guess you can say the next nine games will be interesting.

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