Salsa Night

Donald Trump is thinking about announcing that he will run again. He wants to stomp out any talk of opposition in the 2024 GOP presidential primary. No Nikki Haley. No Ron DeSantis. No Mike Pompeo. No Mike Pence. Nobody.

Commentary is all in on that.  Announce right now.

Alex Holder is the British filmmaker who interviewed Trump and Trumpworld associates around December 2020.  He has turned over his footage to the January 6 Committee.

Here is what Holder said about Trump over the weekend:

“He believed in his own lie. He had absolutely convinced himself that he had actually won, and that all the things he was saying prior [to the election] came true, that actually there was some malfeasance.

“I’m not a psychiatrist. But my take was this is not a rational player. Barr had said there was no issue. A few days later he is going on and on to me about how there’s no way President Biden got 80 million votes, and that he needed to find brave judges, and they’re not courageous enough to intervene.

“So, he lives in an alternate reality, and engaging in that is foolhardy. It’s just like talking to a brick wall.

“I was thinking it was absolutely terrifying. The sitting President of the United States, in the diplomatic reception room at the White House, with the guy with the nuclear football outside the room, and this guy is clearly somebody who is living in an alternate reality.

That somebody you’re unable to converse with in a rational manner is in charge of the United States of America was astonishing.”

More people are finally realizing this, and the January 6 Committee is laying it all out in plain sight for folks to see.

Now we are hearing that Trump could face federal criminal charges.

How much you want to bet that privately, DeSantis, Haley, Pence and Pompeo want Trump to continue to take hits. They are cowards. They want Democrats to do the work on taking Trump down. Cowards.


HEB has an ad running with Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Lance McCullers, Jr. and Jeremy Peña about Salsa Night. It is kind of a cute spot. It would not surprise me if next season the Astros and HEB together do a Salsa Night promotion. I am pretty sure the creative folks over at The Yard and HEB are thinking of something. Stay tuned.

After being down 5 zip yesterday, I thought our winning streak might be in jeopardy. I held out hope.  What a finish! Back-to-back walk-off dingers.


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