2023 Astros Schedule

The Chron E-Board has a take on the State Comptroller stepping into it on Harris County budgeting for law enforcement here: Harris County defunding police? Texas comptroller can’t add [Editorial] (houstonchronicle.com).

Thank you, GOP dummies. I would rather have Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo taking on that arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott and dummy State Comptroller Glenn Hegar rather than Harris County DA Kim Ogg.

Talk about a bonehead move.


Commentary doesn’t know anything about pickleball. I don’t think I know anyone who plays pickleball. “Today” had a segment on pickleball this morning. This was one of their taglines:

Pickleball now a really big dill.

“Today” brought in top ranked male and female pickleball players and put on an exhibition with Hoda and Craig.

I learned that a pickler is a pickleball player and the kitchen is the non-volley zone.

Got it?



MLB did a great thing for 2023.  They have introduced major changes to the 2023 schedule.

Next season we get to play EVERY National League team. All 15. We go to Pittsburgh, The ATL, Milwaukee, Dodger Stadium, San Luis, Colorado, Miami, and Arizona.

Philly, the Giants, Cubbies, Nationals, Reds, Mets, Rockies, and Padres visit The Yard. 

We will cut back the number of games with teams within our division from the current 19 to 13. That means fewer late night West Coast games for fans here in H-Town

On Memorial Day we host the Twins. On the Fourth of July we host the Rockies and on Labor Day we play in Arlington.

The Red Sox visit us in August and the Yankees on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the Labor Day weekend.

We open the season at home on Thursday, March 30 against the White Sox and we end the season in Arizona on Sunday, October 1.

That is all you need to know.


80-45. This is the best record we have ever had at the 125-game mark.

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