GOP Nutjobs

Commentary can easily say that I know more about elections than most folks. Not all, but most.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why GOP nutjobs want to see mail ballots.  Is it just to be intimidating?

I keep telling folks that Texas’s elections are guided by our state’s election code. The Texas Secretary of State who is appointed by the arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott oversees elections in the state. The Secretary of State said after the 2020 elections that Texas’s elections were secure with no problems.

How mail ballots are printed and processed is pretty much by the book.  Last year, the extremist and racist Texas GOP legislators made it more difficult to vote by mail. They put more hurdles into the process.

The crooked GOP AG Ken Paxton issued an opinion, which is just his opinion, that the 2020 mail ballots could be reviewed. Like I said, this is just an intimidation tactic because there is really nothing to see. 

Paxton and his fellow GOPer are nothing but MFers.


Former Astro Morgan Ensberg is 47 today. Morgan was our starting third baseman when we went to our first World Series in 2005. That season was Morgan’s best as he hit 36 dingers and had 101 RBIs. He also was an All Star and Silver Slugger award winner that year. Happy Birthday, Morgan Ensberg!

Astros Spanish language broadcaster Alex Treviño is 65 today. Alex also had a big-league career, playing for the Mets, Reds, The ATL, Giants, Dodgers and Astros as a catcher and third baseman. Happy Birthday, Alex Treviño!

The Orioles are in town for the weekend. They are chasing a Wild Card spot.

We are 81-45

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