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From the shut-up department. I have seen where some think it would be a good gesture for President Joe Biden to invite Donald Trump to be part of the official U.S. delegation to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Shut up! Let’s see. A couple of weeks ago or so President Biden said Trump and his MAGA followers were a threat to our democracy.  Trump is under investigation for stealing top secret classified documents. Trump has yet to concede to President Biden the 2020 election. Trump is still pushing the Big Lie. Trump was a chicken and didn’t go to President Biden’s inauguration. Shut up!

It is a moot point anyway. This was posted on CNN last night:

Buckingham Palace did not invite President Joe Biden to assemble a delegation to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II next week, and instead extended a specific invitation for only the President and first lady, a White House official told CNN.

The White House announced Sunday that Biden had formally accepted the invitation and would be accompanied by the first lady.

Previous state funerals, such as the one for former South African president Nelson Mandela, have allowed for the sitting president to bring a delegation of officials to the event.



Commentary is never afraid to say I didn’t know that. I didn’t know there was something called an Accession Council. It is a ceremonial group that meets to officially sign off on a new monarch. They met on Saturday to sign off on King Charles III.

The Council membership is a stuffy lot. Made up of all the living former prime ministers, members of the House of Lords, City of London officials, and other bigwigs. There are women on the Council. I could not tell you how many Council members are people of color.  No Adele, Idris Elba, Sir Mick Jagger, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, or Dame Helen Mirren.

How would I know they even existed? I wasn’t even around the last time they met.


Greg Shaw points out that the Queen got a second mention on “Abbey Road.” on “Mean Mr. Mustard”:

“Takes him out to look at the queen

Only place that he’s ever been

Always shouts out something obscene.”

Now you know.


Only in the inept administration of Gov. Greg Abbott does the fella still has his job. Here is from the Trib:

As the state’s top law enforcement agency faces increased scrutiny over its role in the botched police response to the mass school shooting in Uvalde in May, agency director Steve McCraw told USA Today he wishes state troopers had seized control of the operation.

McCraw, who sat down with the news outlet for an extended interview that was published Sunday, has largely blamed local police for failing to act promptly to stop the shooter. The Texas Department of Public Safety director has previously told lawmakers that he did not think it was feasible for troopers to have assumed command, but when asked by USA Today why his agency didn’t take over the reins of the police response, McCraw said, “I wish we would have.”

Here is the entire Trib read: Steve McCraw says he wishes Texas DPS took control in Uvalde shooting | The Texas Tribune.

I thought this fella was better than this. He has squandered his reputation just so he can play a patsy for Abbott.


Last week, someone I know well, who is a bigwig in the ad community, told me that an entity named Coulda Been Worse was going to make a big buy. He had not seen the ad, so he couldn’t tell if it was a Democratic or GOP group.  We know now.  They are spending millions in Texas. It is good to see an outside group hammering Abbott.


I was watching the Texans with my Dad yesterday. I am not going to call them out for punting in OT.  They blew it on the previous third down play. The tie is better than a loss.


MLB is making some changes for next season. The defensive infield shifts will be history. A pitch clock is coming into play. The bases are going to be enlarged. The batter will only be allowed one timeout per plate appearance.  Before anyone asks for my take, I will say this.  When they put the Astros in the AL back in 2013, put a runner on second base to start each extra inning, expanded the playoffs to twelve teams, made the All Star game meaningless, put netting in front of my seats, and raised the price of a Saint Arnold to a kazillion bucks, I said I don’t give a rat’s arse because there is not a GD thing I can do about it. There you have it.

90-50. 22 regular season games left to play. 12 at Yard, 10 on the road. We start a three games series tonight in Detroit.

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