El Voto

Commentary has said the following before. I think.

Harris County’s Latino population is one of the least told stories in America. When people talk about Latinos in Texas, Harris County Latinos have often been overlooked.

Of the 11 million plus Texas Latinos, nearly I out of every 5 reside here in Harris County. Harris County has nearly twice as many Latinos as there are in Bexar County – home to San Antonio.

The number of Latinos in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, make up 62% of the total number of Latinos here in Harris County.

42% of small businesses here are Latino owned.

Locally, Harris County Democratic Latinas and Latinos are starting to realize our population growth at the ballot box.

A Latina in Congress. A Latina in the Texas State Senate.

4 Latina State Representatives and 1 Latino State Representative.

A Latina County Judge and a Latino County Commissioner.

We are also represented on area local school and community college boards, area city councils and the local judiciary.

Former Judge Lesley Briones is running for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4. If Judge Briones wins and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia are re-elected, the Harris County Commissioners Court would be majority Latina/Latino. How cool and powerful would that be?

It could be a game changer in terms of future Latino and Latina voter turnout.  It would send the most compelling message regarding Latino voter participation and el voto.

It would also absolutely create a meltdown among the MAGA types on Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point.”

This should be our Latino narrative that we promote locally over the next eight weeks.

Let’s do it. Si se puede!


Actress Barbara Bain is 91 today. Barbara Bain played Cinnamon Carter in the original “Mission: Impossible” series which aired on CBS. Bain co-starred in the series along with her hubby at the time, Martin Landau.  She won three Emmy awards playing Carter from 1966-1969.  Happy Birthday, Barbara Bain!


91-50. A six-game lead over the Yankees for the best record in the AL with 21 games remaining.

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