Uvalde Strong


Uvalde students get back to school today.  As a show of solidarity, many students across the state will be wearing maroon today. That is the school color of Uvalde High School.

The local, statewide, and national media are also covering today’s return to school. That is my featured photo for this post.

At the Astros ballgame in Anaheim Sunday, the TV camera showed a couple of fans wearing Uvalde Strong t-shirts. The Texans will have the Uvalde High School football team at NRG for the upcoming team home opener.

There is no putting #UvaldeStrong in the rear-view mirror.

Arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott and the state of Texas have let Uvalde down big time. They want to get past Uvalde like yesterday.


When a candidate avoids one of the top issues in the country, you know they are acknowledging that the issue is hurting their campaign. See this from a Chron article yesterday on the state of local campaigns:

(GOP candidate for Harris Count Judge Alexandra del Moral) Mealer, asked about her stance on the state’s abortion laws, declined to stake out a position.

“Texas abortion laws may be a focus of legislative races throughout the state, but the Harris County judge does not get a vote on state laws regarding abortion,” she said in a statement. “Since I launched my campaign for county judge, I have been laser-focused on solving the crucial issues facing Harris County: crime, corruption, taxes and infrastructure.”

The abortion issue is hurting Mealer in Harris County for sure. Her campaign knows it.


Clifford Tatum is the new Harris County Elections Administrator. Jen Rice, the Chron reporter who has the Harris County beat, interviews him today on the front page of the Chron hard copy and here is how he ends the interview:

I just emphasize that I have a tremendous number of years of experience in the elections process. And while I’m new to Texas, the elections process is not new to me. While there are some Texas nuances, legal nuances, I’m reading and learning from the staff on a daily basis. So, I feel comfortable in my ability to manage the office and the activities that are going on in preparation for the November election. And I’m pleased at the effort that I see from the staff as it relates to preparing for the November election. And we’ve identified some efficiencies and – short term, long term – some goals that we’d like to pursue. And I’m excited, I think we’re going to be in a good place in November.

I just want him to do his job. No thrills and spills. Many GOPers will not give him a chance because MAGA GOPers including a lot of local GOP elected officials want to discredit our local democracy. They want to cast doubt on our election process even when it is working properly.


I watched “Elvis” the other night at my Dad’s. It is a very good flick. Austin Butler did a great job portraying Elvis. Tom Hanks plays Col. Tom Parker, Elvis’s manager. I don’t know much about Col. Parker so I could not tell you if Hanks portrayed him accurately. The Col. Parker from the flick was a jerk.

I grew up with Elvis and I remember his early tunes like “Hound Dog” and “Love Me Tender,” and his early flicks like “Love Me Tender” and “Flaming Star.”

Commentary has mentioned before that I saw Elvis at the Astrodome when he performed at the rodeo in the early 1970s. He was great. He was Elvis.

I also remember when I heard that he died in August of 1977. At age 42, he left us way too soon.


Astro Hunter Brown made his MLB debut last night at The Yard and what a performance.  6 scoreless innings to start his big-league career. He gave up 3 base hits, struck out 5, and walked 1. He threw 79 pitches. Not bad at all.

We won 1-0. 87-48.

The Astros TV audience was treated to an interesting stat last night after the game. After last night’s win, the Astros/Colt 45s have 4,812 regular season wins and 4,812 regular season losses since we joined MLB in 1962.

Just your average stat. How about that?

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