Chickensh_t Chron

Commentary supports local journalism. I have let folks know I subscribe to the Chron hard copy. They take $77 from my bank account every four weeks.

I am entitled to let them know they are chickensh-t at times. Like today.

Two weeks ago today, their lead front page headline blasted this:

Comptroller threatens county budget

It turns out arsehole GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and Chumptroller Glenn Hegar have backed off of their threat. Thanks to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo who got the Harris County Attorney to take their worthless arses to court.

Hey, Chron!  How about giving the young Latina Harris County Judge a lead front page headline on her win?  She put a punkarse to Abbott and Hegar.

Instead, the chickensh_t Chron put this on the bottom right-hand corner of today’s Chron:

County inches ahead on budget

I hope the Chron isn’t starting to act like CNN if you know what I mean.


Another lame duck GOP elected official endorsed Mike Collier over Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. We will take it.


This is what happens when a racist GOP state government sets the tone. You can thank Donald Trump, Abbott, Patrick and Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan for this.  First from the Statesman today:


Hays volleyball team condemns alleged racist taunts endured at Canyon

From Thomas Jones of the Statesman

Four days after allegedly suffering verbal racial abuse during a volleyball match at Canyon High School in New Braunfels, the Hays volleyball team sent a pointed message in a statement released by the program Tuesday.

If you do not stand against racism, you stand with it.

According to multiple reports at the game Friday, Canyon students directed repeated racial slurs at Black players on the Hays volleyball team. Canyon officials asked the students to refrain from using the racial slurs, but no Canyon students were ejected from the gymnasium despite racial abuse being specifically prohibited in the Comal school district’s student code of conduct.

The statement from the Hays volleyball team faulted both the verbal racial abuse as well as the response from school officials.

“During the varsity match, there were multiple students from the student section using hateful and racial slurs towards many of our players on our team,” read the statement. “It is unacceptable that students felt comfortable enough to degrade and berate our players with such derogatory and hateful language. We also feel that not enough was done to remedy the situation after our coaching staff brought the incident to the attention of the Canyon High School administrator on duty.”

Jennifer Price has two Black children that play on Hays’ varsity team. Megan and Madi Disu, the younger sisters of University of Texas men’s basketball player Dylan Disu, endured racial abuse from Canyon’s student section throughout the match, according to Price.

In a social media post after the match, Price stated:

“I have no words. … Tonight our Hays volleyball girls played Canyon HS where the front row of Canyon’s student section yelled the N-word (hard R) at my daughters and a few more teammates throughout the match, SO MANY TIMES!!! When my daughter missed her serve, they shouted “Make a play Nword-hard R!” Our coaches told their Admin and all they told the boys was “watch your mouths.”

“Nobody was removed from the game. The boys were not kept away from our team after the game and they were allowed to continue to heckle the girls on their way out. An SRO had to escort our team out to their bus. My girls are destroyed and I am freaking pissed. These girls deserve better!!! When does this stop?????

“I am literally begging everyone to dig deep and do better!”

And here in the H-Town area from Channel 2 News:


‘It did not feel like a safe environment’: Parent claims Katy ISD students screamed racial slurs at minority girls during volleyball game

The story:

Lakesha Adams said her daughter’s volleyball game turned vulgar on Friday night.

“It did not feel like a safe environment,” she said.

Adams’ daughter is on the varsity team at Paetow High School. The team was playing against Jordan High School when the mother said the end of the game took a turn.

“They began to start making monkey sounds when our girls were serving,” Adams said.

She said the noises were coming from Jordan High School’s student section.

“Myself and another parent went to administration and security, just trying to defuse the situation before it got worse,” she said. “They told us it would be handled, however, nothing was done.”

Adams said all the girls on her daughter’s team are minorities.

“They’re offended because if you look, historically the way African Americans were portrayed as monkeys, as dumb, as unintelligent people,” Adams said.

She said they’ve gotten support from Paetow High School, but said she didn’t feel the same support from Katy ISD.

This is what happens when you put racism on the backburner.  This is why we need to vote against racists GOPers in November.


We couldn’t pull out a win last night.

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