We’re Numero Uno

As we celebrate Diez y Seis today it is fitting that this is in the September 16 front page of the Chron:

The Latino population in Texas may have surpassed the white, non-Latino population, according to new U.S. Census estimates.

The American Communities Survey, which is conducted every year, showed the Latino population has reached 11.9 million people – 40% of the statewide population – compared to the 11.6 million white, non-Latinos in the state — who make up 39%.

We are deserving of being number one. We have worked hard for it. Now I sense we are starting to put the political piece in place. Congratulations to my fellow Tejanos.


Guys like Ron DeSantis join the arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott at the bottom rung of humanity. Both are disgusting animals.  DeSantis went to San Antonio to round up some migrants and put them on a plane to Massachusetts.  See this from Politico:

Front and center — The decision by Gov. Ron DeSantis to relocate a group of roughly 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday to protest immigration policies of the Biden administration has sparked national attention and plenty of outrage from Democrats and immigration activists.

Let’s round up what we know:

The migrants appear to have never reached Florida.While the DeSantis administration has declined to answer detailed questions on the relocation operation, some of the migrants who arrived in Massachusetts have told media outlets about being approached in San Antonio and given promises of help. One migrant told the Boston Globe that a woman took him and others to a Texas hotel where she gave them meals and offered to help with paperwork. They were then put on a plane. NPR quoted migrants who said they were told they were going to Boston.

Plane records obtained by media outletsshow the flights originated in Texas, stopped briefly in Crestview, Fla., and the Carolinas, then traveled to Martha’s Vineyard.

Shame on all GOPers who support this vulgar behavior.  Same for arsehole Abbott who had migrants dropped off in front of the official Vice-Presidential residence in DC.

Both are destined for hell in the afterlife. They have no respect for civility.

Maybe there can be a bright side for these migrants. Maybe they will be treated better in Massachusetts, New York, DC, and Illinois and one day transition into the process.  Then come back to Texas.


94-50.  5 in a row. 10-3 in September.

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