Mealer Trump

GOP Harris County Judge candidate Alexandra del Moral Mealer is a Trumper.  See the featured photo. You can’t have it both ways.

During the pandemic when folks were using Zoom to communicate with the outside world, folks would sometimes put an image right next to themselves to promote something. Some TV reporters might put their Emmy. Some talking heads would put up their latest book they wrote.  You get the picture.  Alexandra del Moral Mealer put up a photo of Donald Trump behind her when she was running in her GOP primary runoff earlier this year. Own it.

We all know that Trump is a threat to our democracy. He wants to pardon the insurrectionists.  He promotes the Big Lie. He steals top secret classified documents.

Does Harris County want to be led by a Trumper? I don’t think so. 


My nieces Linda Garza and Vero Garza of Siete Family Foods were on “Good Morning America” this morning celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by making empanadas.  They were also promoting their soon-to-be-available cookbook called “The Siete Table.” I am so proud of them.


Prince Harry is 38 today. Happy Birthday, Prince Harry!


93-50 after our quickie roadie and back at The Yard tonight to host the A’s. 

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