Where is My Mail Ballot?

It is 41 days before Election Day and Commentary has not received my bail ballot.  What is up with that?  Harris County is supposed to be at the forefront in getting folks to vote and when I checked my mail ballot tracker status this morning, it says my mail ballot is still being prepared.  The longer they wait, the more likely that some folks won’t return their mail ballots on time.  It is certainly not a good look.

Harrisvotes.com still hasn’t uploaded a copy of Harris County’s sample ballot. Come on!

I hope they are better prepared when Early Voting begins.


The polls keep showing Beto down by 5 to 7 points.  The Three Arseholes ads keep running though. I sure hope the campaign tracking is faring better.


The January 6 hearing scheduled for last night was postponed because of Hurricane Ian.  Good. Hold the hearing when folks will pay attention.


Congrats to Aaron Judge for tying Roger Maris for the AL season dinger record.

We lost last night. Our magic number to clinch AL homefield advantage in the playoffs is still 1.

We have today off.

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