Debate Night reads Commentary. They finally posted the sample ballot for Harris Couty. Toward the end of the ballot is a list of candidates “declared elected” because they don’t have opponents. You don’t get to vote for them like in the old days. still says they are preparing my mail ballot. Hurry up, please!


Scott Braddock of the Quorum Report tweeted this yesterday:

Confirmed: There will be no live in-studio audience for Friday’s debate……Sources tell me Abbott would only agree to face Beto with no audience in the room.

Then followed up with this:

Some folks close to the governor pushing back on this, suggesting it was the broadcasters who didn’t want an in-studio audience. Color me skeptical.

Former State Wendy Davis tweeted this:

I can verify that this is a demand of Abbott’s and his alone. He did the same thing when he debated me in the same venue and again when we debated in Dallas. #AbbottIsAfraid

I don’t think any broadcaster in the country would want an empty studio for this debate.

I don’t think I am going out on a limb by predicting Beto will decisively win tonight’s debate. I will probably watch the debate at my place.


One of my favorites, Angie Dickinson, is 91 today. Some folks know her from “Big Bad Mama,” Sgt. Pepper Anderson from “Police Woman,” or “Dressed to Kill.” I loved her in “Rio Bravo” with John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Rick Nelson. Happy Birthday, Angie Dickinson!


Former Astros pitcher Jose Lima was born 50 years ago today. He left us way too early in May of 2010. I loved “Lima time.”

The Blue Jays are in the MLB playoffs.  The Mariners and Rays are looking to get in with B’More being a longshot. The Padres are in pretty good shape with the Brewers and Phillies battling for the 6th NL playoff slot. 

We still need a win to clinch the best AL record as we enter the final weekend of the regular season.

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