My Dad and I sent in our mail ballots over the weekend. It took a few minutes to go down the ballot and put a mark by every Democrat running.  That is the featured photo. I also voted for the Harris County and City of H-Town bonds. We also included 4 digits of our SS# and Texas ID#.


We have seen a lot of campaign attack ads on TV these days. A lot. They have become a blur.  Yesterday, on “What’s Your Point,” a segment was allotted to the Judge Lina Hidalgo attack ad against Alex Meaner on her buying into the arsehole Greg Abbott anti-abortion law. Host Greg Groogan called the ad BS.  All I can say is the ad must be having an impact, since they were talking about it.


The Chron E-Board is really hoping their endorsement of Meaner gets her the win. They put their endorsement on the front page of the Opinions section hard copy yesterday.


ALCS does not stand for Astros League Championship Series. It should.

This is our sixth consecutive trip to the ALCS. 2017, the Yankees. 2018, Boston, 2019, the Yankees, 2020, the Rays. 2021, the Red Sox.  2022 is the Guardians or Yankees. 6 consecutive trips to the ALCS is an AL record.

We have a very good team.

Here is what Tags says are the five things going for us as we head into the ALCS. My comments are in parentheses.

1. Rest for the weary (Three days off.)

2. Home-field advantage (Now that the Dodgers are goners, we have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.)

3. Altuve is due (He sure was celebrating after going zero for forever.)

4. The kid is all right (He is talking about Jeremy Peña.)

5. This one is for Dusty. (No explanation needed.)

Commentary will root for Cleveland tonight because they are a very exciting team. Plus, MLB would love to have the Yankees, so that is another reason to root for the Guardians.

To get the win in 18 innings after a scoreless 17 says something about who we are as a team. 

Former Astro and current Guardian Myles Straw is 28 today. Happy Birthday, Myles, and beat the Yankees tonight!

Astros reliever Rafael Montero is 32 today. Happy Birthday, Rafael!


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