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2022 will go down in political campaign history as the year a 31-year-old Latina Harris County Judge was relentlessly attacked by negative ads.  This has to be the first time in H-Town area political history where a young Latina has been so viciously attacked. Think about that. Think about all the young Latinas who look up to Judge Lina Hidalgo. Commentary is thinking all these negative ads and attacks will backfire.  It is just something about being a 31-year-old Latina immigrant and having to withstand all this BS that doesn’t sit well with a lot of folks in these parts. Just saying.


Commentary gets it. Newspaper newsrooms these days are not what they used to be, but still.  Check this from

The president of Houston’s top police union dismissed a Harris County constable’s endorsement of Lina Hidalgo on Twitter this week, saying she is “not a real police officer.”

Douglas Griffith, president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union and a nearly 30-year Houston PD veteran, said in a Sunday evening tweet that Harris County Constable Silvia Treviño was “Another democrat… not a real police officer, just another politician” for endorsing Hidalgo.  

Here is the entire story: HPD union president says officer who endorsed Hidalgo is ‘not a real cop’ (

Silvia Trevino was an HPD police officer for 21 years. 16 of these years on patrol duty. I first met her in 1988 and she was in uniform when we first met, with a big arse gun strapped to her side. That is a real police officer in my book. Lazy Chron for sure.

As of 6 pm last evening, the Chron still had not corrected their story. Lazy Chron but I will keep subscribing.

Full disclosure. Commentary handles Constable Trevino’s campaign compliance reports. She is a friend.


The two gutless GOP Harris County Commissioners were absent from the special called meeting they agreed to attend yesterday. I don’t get their strategy.  They certainly don’t have the votes.  The two ended up playing golf.  I guess it was good golfing weather.


Ken Rosenthal from MLB on Fox and the Athletic tweeted this yesterday:

FWIW: Last Nov. 30, just before lockout, players’ union proposed 12-team playoff but with two significant differences from format the union and MLB eventually adopted: A best-of-seven Division Series, as opposed to be a best-of-five, and re-seeding after wild-card round.

Under the union proposal, in this postseason, the Phillies would have played the Dodgers in the NLDS, and the Padres would have played The ATL. It doesn’t make no difference to Commentary.

The Guardians and Yankees will play this afternoon at 3 pm. Then the winner has to fly to H-Town this evening to face the Astros tomorrow. I hope they go extras today and use up a lot of arms.

Then the Phillies and Padres play Game 1 of the NLCS at 7 pm.

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