Happy Birthday, Dave!

If anyone in Texas was still undecided on who to vote for governor and if they watched the debate, they are voting for Beto.  Beto owned the debate. Look at it this way. Beto said we were number 1 in spending the least amount for mental health services.  Arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott said no way, we’re number 27. Then Abbott in his closing remarks said keep him in office because we are number one in select categories. What a fool.

I really don’t think that many folks are undecided. It is just a matter of voter turnout.


My new State Representative, good friend, and client, Christina Morales, hosted a debate watch party Friday night. It was held at Tikila’s, which is in my neighborhood, the Heights. A good crowd of Democrats were there. The audio was good, and Democrats were cheering Beto on. I certainly enjoyed being there.


Happy Birthday to David Andrew Lafuente.  Dave is also my nephew who hangs with me at The Yard. He also provides me with good and informative political intel during campaign season.  He also has a great kid in Jackson. Hope Dave has a nice day!


My October Beatles wall calendar has a 1964 photo of the four on a staircase. The other is from 1968 and has three photos of them and mentions the release of the White Album.


Astros General Manager James Click and manager Dusty Baker don’t have contracts signed for next season. That doesn’t sit well with Chron sports columnist Brian T. Smith. Heck, that doesn’t sit well with Commentary. Smith’s column yesterday blistered owner Jim Crane for having his GM and manager dangling in the wind so to speak. Oh, well.

104-55. We went 18-8 in September. We have not lost on a Sunday since Sunday, August 7 against the Guardians.

The Rays and Mariners are in the playoffs. The AL playoff teams are set.

The ATL is the third team this season to hit the 100-win mark.

The Phillies are in town and need a win or the Brewers to lose to get the final NL Wild Card spot. The Brewers are hosting the D-Backs.

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