Silly Tweet

Remember when the GOP Texas Legislature passed the voter suppression bill to make it harder for folks of color to vote.  State Sen. Carol Alvarado filibustered for 15 hours to focus national attention on this travesty.

Now the GOP led Texas Secretary of State and the crooked GOP AG are trying to intimidate the Harris County Election Administrator office a few days before early voting begins.

Commentary has been around elections for a very long time.  I have never seen anything like this before. It is sickening and shameful.

I hope Harris County tells the Secretary of State and the crooked GOP AG to fu_k off.


I was surprised to see the following tweet by Chris Hollins yesterday.

November’s midterm election is too important for anyone to stay on the sidelines. Electing partners in Harris County is critical to Houston’s progress and continued success.

So, @whitmire_john, as a fellow Democrat, will you endorse @linahidalgo?

Commentary’s response is either an huh or a duh.  Both The Dean and Judge Hidalgo are running as Democrats and on the same ballot. I just got through voting for both.  They are on the same team.

I don’t know why anyone would start questioning The Dean’s Democratic Party cred.

I also don’t know why anyone would want to start an intra-Democratic Party squabble 20 days before one of the most crucial elections in our lifetime.

That’s so immature and silly. Certainly not a good use of energy.

FYI: Commentary is helping on The Dean’s state senate reelection campaign. 


Here is from Chron Sports Columnist Brian T. Smith on the game last night:

There was a theory entering the ALCS that the Yankees might steal the first contest because they were the “hot” team and the Astros had been quietly resting.

That thought was destroyed in the sixth inning as Gurriel and McCormick ignited Minute Maid Park, and you could again power this entire city by running an extension cord into a stadium filled with 41,487 orange-and-blue believers.

Commentary will say it again. We are a very good team. Think about it. We got offensive production last night from the number 2 hitter, the number 6 hitter, the number 8 hitter, and the number 9 hitter.

That’s Jeremy Peña, Yuli Gurriel, Chas McCormick, and Martín Maldonado.


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