The Chron has a piece on Alex Mealer today.  Here are parts:

(Judge Lina) Hidalgo’s ads include an image of Mealer being interviewed with a framed photo of Trump in the background, though the interview did not take place at Mealer’s home.

Mealer has said Trump lost the election in 2020 and, barring evidence of impropriety, she would accept the results of the election if she loses.

Last month, however, she told KHOU she “will without question certify the election results as long as our County Clerk and County Tax Assessor testify to the integrity of the process and are the ones administering the election.” 

The clerk and the tax office no longer administer elections in Harris County. Commissioners court last year transferred that responsibility to the newly formed office of the Harris County Elections Administrator.

Mealer has made it clear that she would support major changes to county elections if she is elected and Republicans regain a majority.

“We could start following election law, because that would be a good start,” she said at a candidate forum in March. “And that looks like dissolving the Elections Administrator and ordering a 100 percent external audit because certainly everyone’s faith and confidence in these elections have been shaken and that is fundamentally a problem to democracy.”

And this:

“This was a well-run county,” Mealer said. “I think it is being incredibly mismanaged right now and it’s divisive.”

Here is the entire read: Alexandra del Moral Mealer: Meet the Harris County GOP candidate (

Sigh!  Disingenuous. On the Trump photo. Well, why didn’t they move it. Such a lazy and dumb answer.

If Mealer loses, she will not accept the results. The County Clerk and the Tax Assessor are not part of the certification process.

In terms of following election law, election law allowed for the creation of the election administrator.

When she says, this was a well-run county, she means it is well-run as long as GOPers are in charge.

Mealer is certainly not fooling Commentary.

I go back to she is a GOPer.  The GOP is doing everything it can to undermine democracy. She sounds like one of them for sure.


It is here. The ALCS. Rematch. We pretty much knew all season long that this would be the likely teams in the ALCS.  The Yankees are our rivals.  Our record was 5-2 against them this season.  We eliminated them from the playoffs in the Wild Card game in 2015, and the ALCS in 2017 and 2019. Our playoff record against them is 9-5 

The Chron Sports Section today says we will win in five.  I will not make a prediction. I do think we are the better team.


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