Epic Failure

Just before 7 am this morning, I got my boil alert lifted notice on my iphone.  At yesterday’s press conference, the H-Town Mayor was asked if folks got a boil water alert on their iphone on Sunday. The Mayor couldn’t answer the question. We didn’t. I don’t recall getting an alert on Sunday.

This has been an epic failure. No excuses. There was no back-up plan.

It was just a week or so ago that investigative reporter Amy Davis from Channel 2 news did several stories on the City of H-Town water department issues and billing.  I said then that the Public Works Director didn’t come across like she was on top of things. This was a warning for sure.

Some heads need to roll.


The Dean will have a major mayoral campaign event today.  Stay tuned!


Folks know Commentary watches the Hallmark Channel Christmas flicks. “Haul Out the Holly” with Lacey Chabert is a good one that premiered Saturday night. It is about an HOA on steroids dealing with neighborhood Christmas decorations.


The Astros signed the 2020 AL MVP José Abreu. He will play first base. That means Yuli Gurriel will have to accept a lesser role if he wants to remain an Astro. You know my feelings on this. I don’t let myself get personal or emotional on Astros baseball.

Oh, well.

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