The Dean’s Event

A good friend I respect a ton attended The Dean’s event last night and here is what he texted some of us including The Dean:

Great event tonight, Senator. Great crowd. True reflection of Houston.

I was not able to attend due to last minute stuff.

I did hear the event was well attended and had a diverse crowd.


Commentary will not debate our local Hall of Fame great Jeff Bagwell. Here is this from today’s Chron:

A curious revelation from a revered Astros icon might have revealed the cause of a chasm between James Click and his former employer.

After acknowledging his growing role in the franchise’s makeshift front office, Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell on Tuesday bemoaned the Astros’ reliance on analytics and asserted that “this game is played by humans, man. It’s not played by computers.”

“The game has advanced so much,” Bagwell said. “But at the end of the day, it’s about driving runs in, scoring runs, getting 27 outs before the other team. That never changes. Trying to get a mix of both of those is what I’m trying to get some of up there because that’s what (owner Jim Crane) wants.”

Crane parted ways with Click earlier this month despite Houston’s second World Series title in franchise history. On Tuesday, Crane said not to expect a new general manager until after the new year. 

About relying on analytics, we did just win the World Series.

Oh, well.

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