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Folks know Commentary watches Channel 2 News Today first thing in the morning. This week investigative reporter Amy Davis has been doing a series of stories on the City of H-Town water issues. Billing, rates, bad and old meters, filmy water, and how our water department compares to the other cities.

Here is an interesting stat that I learned. 42% of folks don’t drink H-Town’s tap water. That includes Commentary. 

I certainly don’t want to bash the water department folks.  H-Town’s water will not be a pressing issue in the 2023 city elections. We are not Flint, Michigan. Davis’s stories do expose concerns that have to be addressed. The city’s Public Works Director didn’t come across well in her interview with Davis.

Nice job, Amy Davis.

Here is one of her stories: DRAINED: KPRC 2 Investigates demands answers for you – about water bill issues in Houston (

Go check out the rest of her stories on:  Click2Houston | Houston News, Texas News, Weather, Sports | KPRC 2.


Failed Arizona GOP U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters tweeted this yesterday:

We simply have to beat them at this VBM game, and rely less on ED voting as a party. Not a new thought — this is obvious to everyone now. I intend to spend a substantial part of my time and energy these next few years helping make that happen.

His problem is his GOP is demonizing mail ballots. Good luck, pal.


Aaron Judge won the AL MVP last night. He hasn’t played in a World Series. As a Yankee, he is 5-12 against the Astros in the ALCS. Congrats.

Yordan Alvarez finished in third place in the AL MVP voting and Jose Altuve ran fifth. Yordan has a World Series ring and Tuves has two.

Have a safe weekend.

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