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59 years ago, this evening, President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kenney were in H-Town where they made an appearance at the Houston Coliseum and the Rice Hotel. My Dad saw them that night.


Commentary is guessing Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has succeeded in getting under Mattress Mack’s skin.  Maybe he didn’t like Judge Hidalgo referring to him as a “furniture salesman.”  How else do you explain purchasing a full-page ad that lectures the Judge. The ad reads like Mack took the election loss personal.

The response the Judge should have if she feels compelled to respond is scoreboard.

The only positive I saw in the ad purchase was a Chron employee’s annual salary was partially covered.


This is a lazy headline followed by lazy and uninformed local journalism.

First the headline:

10 days after election, Harris County criminal judge race flips in favor of DaSean Jones with updated ballot count

Here is how the story begins:

The Harris County felony judge race for the 180th criminal state district court flipped Friday night in favor of incumbent DaSean Jones after new mail and provisional ballots were counted.

Jones, who assumed office in 2019, has taken a 449-vote lead over Republican Tami Pierce. Pierce led by more than 1,200 votes the morning following the election. That number dwindled to 165 votes on Nov. 10.

Here is the entire story: Harris County criminal judge race flips in favor of DaSean Jones (

Nothing was “flipped.” This was a vote counting process that is guided by the election code. Provisional ballots and some mail ballots are tallied up by a ballot committee that includes Democrats and Republicans. They carefully review each ballot and either accept or reject ballots based on information that they have. I have witnessed this.

The first set of returns were released close to 8 pm on Election Night, November 8 and they have been counting ever since. From all earlier release of returns it looked this race was going down to the wire. Unsing a term like “flipped” just feeds the conspiracy theory nuts and unnecessarily adds to the stuff the Elections Administrator folks are already dealing with. Do better.


Hall of Fame great “Stan the Man” Musial was born 102 years ago today. He left us in 2013. 24 time All Star, three World Series rings, 3 NL MVP Awards, 475 career dingers, 3,630 career base hits, a .331 career batting average. He ended his career in 1963, and yes, he had one dinger against the Colt 45s.

Hall of Fame great Ken Griffey, Jr. is 53 today. 13 time All Star, AL MVP, 630 career dingers, and 1,836 career RBIs, and yes, 22 dingers off Astros pitchers. Happy Birthday, Junior!

The second lousiest record in the NBA is owned by the Rockets.

The lousiest record in the NFL is owned by the Texans.

16 days ago, the Astros won the World Series.

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