We are still waiting to see who controls congress. The Donald Trump GOP certainly didn’t expect this result.


Here is from today’s Chron:

Fresh off a narrow reelection that was anything but assured, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo on Wednesday held a news conference to praise colleagues, thank supporters and call out some members of her own party for not backing her campaign,

“There were some elected officials that weren’t there because they didn’t think it was convenient, those in my own party that wouldn’t do an ad for me, that wouldn’t have a fundraiser, that wouldn’t help when it got tough,” Hidalgo said. “And oh, I remember who they are.”

The Hidalgo campaign declined to specify which officials she was addressing.

Come on! Name names! Must kidding. Local Democrats don’t need infighting.

I get that it may be difficult for Judge Hidalgo to be a more gracious winner. They spent millions of dollars on ads attacking her.

Oh, well.


Here is this letter to the Chron:

Regarding “ What to know about Mattress Mack, the Houston furniture mogul, avid sports bettor turned Astros’ hero,” (Nov. 3): Houston’s own “Mattress Mack” knows a thing or two about taking risks and seems to enjoy the gamble. Win or lose, he lost by so publicly backing county judge candidate Alexandra del Moral Mealer. Appearing as a host on television ads endorsing her was a misguided move. Business and politics don’t mix, and he should have known that. Going forward I will never buy anything from Gallery Furniture again.

Michelle Braverman, Houston

Mattress Mack doesn’t give a rat’s arse. I am thinking he makes his money off folks who don’t vote. They outnumber folks who do vote.


This is from today’s Chron E-Board:

Harris County officials won’t need the help of election deniers and other menacing, anti-democratic forces to sow doubt about our elections if they continue to do it themselves.

Many across the state, including this editorial board, breathed a sigh of relief when threats to poll workers and troubling stories of voter intimidation elsewhere didn’t seem to materialize locally.

After a relatively uneventful early voting period, it seemed likely Harris County could have a smooth Election Day. It was not to be.

Tuesday brought echoes of the botched primary elections in March, in which a newly appointed elections administrator with no experience running elections oversaw delays and 10,000 uncounted mail-in ballots. After years of an elected county clerk running things, Democratic county commissioners had wanted a professional in the job but their first pick ended up resigning. We had high hopes for their second pick, Clifford Tatum, who came with much more experience. And he set high expectations, despite the fact that he arrived only a few months ago.

So, it was disappointing that Election Day in Harris County once again turned into an “anything that can go wrong” kind of day. While other communities, such as Dallas-Fort Worth, were reporting elections went “smoothly,” headlines in Houston were peppered with news of glitches, delays and even running out of ballot paper at more than a dozen sites. The issues were made considerably more frustrating by last-minute state intervention that left an unknown number of ballots in limbo.

Here is the entire read: Why can’t Harris County handle Election Day? (

Got it. The Democratic Harris County Commissioners are voter suppressors.

I can’t defend the Election Administrator.  Especially after they put out a late afternoon election result tabulation yesterday with another 4,000 votes that might have put another Democratic judicial candidate over the 50% line. I guess the 9 am report yesterday wasn’t the unofficial final before the official canvass.


Dusty Baker is back, and the Astros will try to re-sign Justin Verlander.

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