Take It

Commentary will take it.

The GOP, Mattress Mack, and others spent millions trying to defeat Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and they came up short.

Lesley Briones knocked off Harris County Commissioner Jack Cagle.  Now he has a reason not to show up for work.

Democrats will hold a 4-1 Commissioners Court majority.

It looks like 5 Democrats lost countywide judgeships.

Scott Braddock tweeted this last night which pretty much sums things up for Texas Democrats:

No red wave at all, but Texas Democrats managed to get their asses kicked. Why? Tradition, mostly.

Folks know how Commentary feels about the idiots who run the Texas Democratic Party.

There was not a red wave.

We still don’t know the outcomes for Congress.

I guess a sigh in relief is called for.

All in all, I will take it.


Dusty Baker will be managing the Astros next season.

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