Christmas Weekend

It’s cold out there. I am wearing two pair of socks. Commentary must drive to a meeting at noon that will take me on I-10 and the West Loop. Let’s hope traffic isn’t a problem.

It is not that bad though thanks to the lack of precipitation. You know how I know?  The local early Channel 2 News program handed off to “Today” rather than preempt and stay with local weather news coverage throughout the morning.


Commentary has said before that I continue to learn stuff. I didn’t know until I read the Chron hard copy this morning about buskers and busking. Here is from the Chron:

An obscure, decades-old ordinance that restricted where buskers — musicians who performs in public places — can play for tips in Houston has been deemed unconstitutional and struck down by a federal judge. 

The decision this week by U.S. District Judge Alfred H. Bennett strikes down the burdensome permitting process that confined musicians vying for cash gratuity to the Theater District. While performers could play elsewhere, soliciting tips while doing so made them liable to a fine.

Here is the entire read: Busking for tips now legal in Houston, federal judge rules (

I did not know the words busking and buskers existed.


Commentary attended a lunch at Flora on Monday and went back for dinner last night. It is located on Allen Parkway close to Waugh Drive right next to Buffalo Bayou. It is upscale Mexican grub. It is very nice.


The featured photo is of my Dad and me from five years ago. As we are into the Christmas Weekend, I thought it was appropriate since a Christmas tree is in the background.

Other than my meeting today, I will hang out until Christmas Eve when I make my visits to two of my best friends. On Christmas Day, I will be at my Dad’s with my family.

I am A-Okay with Christmas landing on a Sunday because Monday is an observed holiday.

Stay safe and warm if you are out this Christmas Weekend. I hope you ended up on the year’s nice list.

Merry Christmas!

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